Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

Its another sunny gorgeous day, with a high only to be 85. It 65 this morning when we got up. A couple days ago I put a post in about Rigg’s getting a bath. After he read it he wanted to slpain what happened so here he goes.

Hi everybody, it's Riggs.

Now here's what happened. My Mom decided I needed a bath. So outside we went. As you

can see I wasn't real happy about this, but I was good and stood there. Dad came

out to take pictures. It was hot out there and I thought I was clean enough, so

when Dad opened the door I thought "well guess I can go in too". Wrong. As you

can see Mom was standing on the cable, when I bolted it wrapped around her legs

and she went flying. Now is it my fault I only weigh a little less than her and

am so much more powerful. And is it my fault that I was soaking wet and got

water all over the kitchen...it needed to be mopped anyway. Now Mom I am sorry

you got hurt, I promise I'll be better tomorrow.


Now you weren't paying these guys by the hour to clean the chimney, so what

was wrong with me supervising their work? I just wanted to make sure they

were doing a good job.


Now really, I was just giving Nikki some lovin', she wasn't trying to hold

me back from Dad's pizza. After all, it wasn't even baked yet!


This is my Dad, my cousin Pat and his family. Now this wasn't my fault at all. Here's

what happened. Pat was going outside, of course I went to the door, he opened it,

I waited for him to put the chain on but he didn't, but then he told me to go out.

Now you see the size of him, would you argue with him? (Hey Paul and Helen notice Mom's

shirt). Anyway out I went....I'M FREE HAHA. Mom calls me I think, Pat calls me I

think, Dad comes out with my leash but why would I want that on, I'M FREE. Well, I've

never seen the neighbors houses or yards, so much to see and smell. Mom's after me, but

with her pneumonia she can't run very fast and I can. About 8 acres away there is a

house with lots of cars and trucks in the drive and lots of bushes out front to smell.

As I'm smelling Mom goes over to one of the trucks and goes to the door and says

"Riggs let's go for a ride" but that didn't look like my truck, well after about

the third time I decided maybe it was new so I wanted to go for a ride. Can you

believe it Mom tricked me! She snapped on a leash and started dragging me home.

Don't know why she kept saying she was happy the people that lived there didn't come

out and see a strange lady trying to get a dog in their truck, my Mom's not strange.

I didn't get any treats that day, now is that fair?


Talk about strange what about this critter, he is living under our patio and I want

him gone,so I bark at him and try to scare him off. See the difference in size

between him and my sister Sadie...well I don’t want him to hurt her.

Yawn, well folks I'm tired now...but honestly I'll try to be better tomorrow.

Rigg’s has more good days than bad, I was just hoping after almost 5 years he wouldn’t still be a wild child but he is still a pup at heart. But with a heart of gold.

Not much doing, Mom is making a pork roast for supper, that should have the house smelling nice, she baked chocolate chip cookies this morning, but they are off limits to me. Do you know how hard it is to watch everyone eating fresh soft cookies, and you can’t have any. In fairness she did offer to make sugarless ones for me but I told her it was to much work for one batch of cookies.

That’s about it for today, hope everyone had a great Labor Dad weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna………


  1. Rigg's and Emma should be quite a pair when they get together. I'm hoping she'll quit being a wild child by the time she's 10. Only a little more than four years to go... :(

  2. he's not as wild as mischievious, you know the Dennis the Meance type