Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Day started off with rain AGAIN. Riggs will not go out in the rain, he can be such a prima donna. Finally stopped and it had been 14 hours since he went out so I knew he had to be in a bad way. Put on his rope opened door, and he stood there, he wanted me to go out with him. It was wet I didn't have shoes on, so I didn't go outside, well this is what he didIMG_0511

Finally got some shoes on so he would go outside. That dog must have a bladder the size of an elephant!

We had planned on going to some of the museums in the area. Dianna’s one exchange student Mint wanted to go also. The exchange students really have a thirst for learning, so Dianna let her skip the first half of school. 1st stop was the aviation museum but not open on Tuesdays. Sam is going today.

We then went to the Kruse History and Auto Museum. Mr Kruse was a local resident who was quite wealthy and loved collecting things, oh my did he ever. Everything in the history part comes from his collection, the auto part is mainly from him but also other contributors.  If you are a history buff, the history part of this is a must see.

Mint really wanted to have her picture taken with FDR. Btw Mint is from Thailand.

Because of the mustiness of the old stuff I had to cut out and go outside for a while. The young man that takes  your admission came out for a smoke break. He had 2 tours of Irag. Really interesting hearing about that horrible war first hand. He had very strong opinions about the way the upper echelon is handling things. He told me they could be under fire and even have wounded men, but had to wait for permission from higher ups before they could return fire. He said the most heartbreaking is the children, you never know if they are friendly or are going to try to blow you up. He told me a fellow soldier had to kill a boy that was the same age as his son at home. He told me that the guy never got over that.  I makes you heart sick to think of what our young men are going through.

On to the car museum. Again if you are a car buff its the place to see. All the way from the first cars to the Batmobile.  I have more photos on my phone that we haven't down loaded as yet, the General Lee, Kitt from Knight Rider (my favorite, I loved Kitt)


Then we were off to see my nephew Larry’s dental practice and meet him for lunch. We had a great lunch at the Mad House, huge menu and micro brewery. Sam got an almost  half gallon bottle of their Blondie Lager to go. It comes in a large brown bottle.  Dianna and I were off to buy groceries for dinner.  When we got back noticed all the doors were wide open on the truck.  Turns out it was a defective bottle and whole bottom had come out. Sam had put it in the back seat on top of pillows and blankets we keep in back for Riggs, it soaked everything.  Sam almost cried not over spilled milk, but spilled beer.

Then it was time to start dinner, Sam was making his famous meatballs and I made homemade sauce. Hallie loves to cook so she helped Sam with the meatballs.


She took her job very seriously. She told Sam when she gets home to Viet Nam she is so making them for her family.


Sam supervising the frying.



Everyone helped out making sure table was set, dishes cleaned up as we used them.  A friend of Dianna’s passed away at a very young age and her 3 boys have adopted Dianna as their mom. They are great young men, they come over every Tuesday for dinner and while there do a lot of projections for them. The one is an electrician and fixed a blown electric skillet, others trimmed and cut yard.

Dinner was great and then to top it off Hallie made a from scratch German Chocolate cake, she was so proud of it, and it was absolutely delicious.


She was a little intrepid about carrying to table


Larry and Sam solved a lot of the world’s problems after dinnerIMG_0519

Again I have prattled on, but it is so great being here among this lovely and diverse group, so wish we all lived closer. My niece and nephew have hearts as big as the whole outdoors. They have done missionary trips all over the world so Larry can give free dental service to places where they have never seen a dentist. Earlier this year they were in Romania.

Everyone be safe and well.


  1. Reading this I am so glad you are having this grand visit.

  2. What a wonderful group of folks to visit and exchange ideas with.

  3. Nothing like family ....throw in Sam's meatballs and your sauce and it's a win-win!!

  4. Sounds like such a lovely family.................you are so fortunate to have each other. Helen