Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Trip

Started the day as usual, coffee with Donna, she then left at 05:30am for the truck company, she also has restaurant duty tonight, a double shift for her. She hopefully will sleep in tomorrow as no truck company on Saturdays. Sam will be leaving shortly to pick up the bus and then take a girls college softball team from Fayette MO to Conway AR. Same school as last week but softball instead of baseball, don’t kid yourself as these college girls can throw a mean softball, I wouldn’t want one to hit me in the face.
Rigg’s wanted you to see an e-mail he sent his Mom after he got a present the other day Dad brought him home a new Ducky, his favorite toy, must be the bird instinct in him when he sees a bird on the ground outside he points and then inch by inch stalks them until they take flight then its run and bark. Here is his e-mail.
“Mom, Look what I got, Dad came home from the store and when he was emptying the bag he said he had something for me, it’s a new ducky mom, dad said it was from you and him for at least trying to be a good boy, you should here it,  It quacks when I bite it and I have been carrying it around showing it off to Andy and Zep. Oh boy, thanks Mom I knew you loved me but I really love getting presents and now I have a new ducky to play with. I love you mom”, Riggen…..
This was my first Ducky when I was a baby,playing tired me out then.
Riggs and his new ducky0223-2010
This is my new ducky, boy I sure grew in a year.
He really enjoys his duckeys but now they only last about a month before the head and wings and legs are chewed off.
Well I guess I better get going. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

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