Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, February 22, 2010

A Day Off

Sam is off today, Donna went in to the truck company, Not much going on so far, we had a ton of rain last night and the alarm went off on my septic pump, it seems whenever we get lot of ground water the septic pump for the city sewer goes off, the pump still works okay and we have sewer service but you have to walk out and hit the rest alarm switch with something wood or you get a shock, this tells me something is probably wired wrong but I hate to mess with it when it is pumping okay. Want to say hi to Kenny and Angela, also Susan Bidniak who signed on as followers ,I hope you don’t get bored, but it will be life as usual for a few more months until Donna retires and we get the house sold, then let the adventures begin. I only have one errand while Donna is at work and that is a grocery run, course that doesn’t include several loads of laundry I am doing while I play around here on the computer. Yeah I am a little domesticated but when both spouses work we have always shared the good with the bad, no such thing as traditional male or female jobs in this household. Of Course Donna has always been the brains of the outfit and Sam the brawn. So until tomorrow I will say, see yah, and Be Safe out there.

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