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Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting Started

Wow, this is my first post to my first blog, watch out because, this is a totaly awesome and new experience, Let the mistakes begin, As you can see Sam & Donna have been RV'rs for many years and now with a few months to go before Donna retires, we are looking forward to selling the house and out. We have been reading many other Blogs, The world famous Tioga& George ,the Bayfield Bunch, Rick& Paullette, Karen in the Woods and many others trying to get ideas and getting our questions on fulltiming answered just be reading about others adventures.

I must say I hope that we can be as successful and enjoy our new found freedom as much as the rest of you folks. We are currently living in Dardenne Prairie Mo. and yes we are still suffering through old man winter I just got of the tractor after plowing the drive and the parking area. Donna is working at the truck company where she is an accountant and then has a doctors appointment on the way home so I will have to wait to see what time to have dinner ready when she walks in, Our Grandson was supposed to come over as he has a snow day today but so far is a no show. Anyway not much going on so I will try to post this and see how it comes out.

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