Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cars & Trains

The day started at the usual 04:30am reveille in the Weibel household, Donna & I had our coffee, and then Donna left for the truck company at 05:30am, Sam got Adam off to school and then when he got back he started on figuring a blog for today, Ladies you might as well take a break or go to a quilters blog because today's blog will kind of be a guy thing, Like the title says trains & cars. Sam has always been a train nut and motor head, Having built street rods, Harleys and dune buggies as the different phases would hit him, My son Andy has a car now that I think some of you guys will be interested to see


                                1995 Camaro Z28


Carbureted LS6,1000hp,2stage 200 shot NOS,9.00sec in 1/4 mile.

This is one go fast auto, of course it is not really practical for everyday use, but he enjoys taking it to car shows and the track.

P1010907 P1010897

You should hear this thing when it is fired up it sounds like a low flying bomber.

Sam’s model railroading is done in HO scale, since my grandfather, Bill Weibel worked for the Lackawanna Railroad and then the Erie-Lackawanna I have always liked to model these railroads, The  top passenger train of my youth was the Lackawanna Phoebe Snow witch

was the premier train of the road, it had a distinctive tail car that was really lettered Tavern Lounge on the sides, now that sure sounds good, kick back and have a cold one while relaxing and watching the scenery go by.Wish you could do that today. Here are a couple of shots of my Phoebe Snow.

P1010091 P1010104

 P1010115 P1010661

P1010662 P1010758

I enjoy modeling passenger trains and I included a shot of a Union Pacific train I made. All of the above were taken at the St Charles Model Railroad Club in O’Fallon MO. which I am a member of. The trains are radio controlled and also sound equipped. Anyone who is planning on being in the St Charles Mo area before we leave on our journey can e-mail me and I will arrange a tour for you. They have visiting hours for the public on Saturday and Sunday.

Nothing much else going on I have to wait until Friday for a bus trip,nothing like being semi-retired. Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna


  1. Great pictures of the car and trains would love to see them both.Thanks for the pictures of the hounds, we have a two year old black lab "Annie" she is so sweet and layed back.

  2. We love model trains! Thanks for the awesome photos. :)