Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Up early with Donna and had my coffee, Donna headed out to the truck company and took my good truck, her Escape has a tire that has a slow leak so I told her to leave it and I would take it to the tire store. At 08:00AM I was sitting in front of the door to Child’s Tire and my buddy Mike pulled it right in and found a nail in it, 30 minutes and $20 dollars later I was on my way home, with hopefully no more leaks. Not much to say about the day it rained most of the day and was in the 60’s temp wise.

Donna just got home from work and we are have Tortellini's for supper.

We went out to dinner at the Longhorn restaurant last night and everyone except poor Donna had a great steak, she said her’s was seasoned with so much pepper it burned her mouth, she was not a happy camper, I was so proud of Nicole, she again joined Grandpa in the clean plate club.


                            Sam & Donna

Donna got a picture of our new tenants in the bird motel by our wood rack. Mom is sitting on her eggs while Dad is outside having a smoke break.


All in all a good Easter around the Weeb Ranch.

Hoping by the end of the week the sun will return and I can start catching up on the mowing, I hate it when you start out and already your playing catch up with the grass.

It takes two or three cuts before you get the messy look out. Some of those tall 6 inch sprouts are wild onion grass, who knows where it come from but you sure can smell it when you run the tractor over it. We only see it at the beginning of spring around here.

Well that’s about it for today. even Rigg’s is tiring of all the rain, and just sits by the door and looks now without pestering to go out every few minutes.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Sounds like a good day at the Weeb Ranch...too bad Donna had a crumby steak...I LOVE steak, and if I get a bad one, I get real cranky...kinda like Maxine:-)
    Our son and his wife are driving home from Grove OK, right through Northern Arkansas and all the bad storms...Wouldn't you think the weather peeps could give us a better forecast???

  2. I know what you mean about taking several cuts to get the grass looking like a lawn again. It's the same deal here and the rain has started up again.

  3. I think we are expecting some of that rain tomorrow and Wednesday! YUK! It is suppose to bring with it some severe weather.

    Glad you had a good Easter! We had a wonderful day as well.

    We have the onion grass smell whenever the grass is mowed in this area! It can get pretty strong at times.

    Take care!!

  4. clean plate club? LOL I am so slow that 90% of the time I am force to take a doggie bag home and then my husband will have food envy and scoff it before I can get to it... I am with your wife - I do not care for extra spices on my steak... Poor thing!


  5. I'm with Donna on this one. I prefer a steak to taste like a steak & not like an over used jar of seasoning or BBQ sauce.

  6. Sam, I know what you mean. We have had 6" of rain just since Friday, and are expecting 4" more. The Ohio River is really romping. Love the picture of you and Donna.

  7. Nice picture of you two!!!

    And also of your house ~ I like the flag!!!

  8. Yup... we are getting the rain rain rain here too. Blowing in sideways even when I tried to let the dogs out. Ducky was soaked to the skin after just a few minutes doing her thing. Duke just said NO THANK YOU and backed up into the house and said he would HOLD IT. LOL ....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard