Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

Finally the sun came out this morning about 10:00AM, although the temps are in the low 50’s so still a little cool, the week is flying by as it does every week.

The pictures below are actually a test of the instructions RICK gave me on changing the default size of my pictures, Thanks Rick it worked just like you said, you’re the man.

The pictures themselves are two of my favorites of my late brother Rick, who died of cancer in Dec 0f 2009.


Sam, Rick & twin Bill, 1955 at Grandpa Genett’s house next to the tracks.

01-01-2010 06;18;57pm (2)

Rick in about 2005 racing carts with his buddies.

I sure miss that guy if it had anything to do with motors or racing he was into it. Life is sure short..

I hope someday that Adam & Nicole & Chris will have memories to share like I do.

I was hoping the temps would get up so the grass would dry I really need to get the Deck on John Deere and get out there and start mowing, I am starting my own Prairie ground in my back yard.

My son Andy went to get Nicole at school so I am sitting here waiting for her to get home, after homework, I will see if she wants to take Sadie and I’ll take Rigg’s for a walk.

Right now Sadie is tormenting Rigg’s by trying to steal one of his stuffed toys he is holding she will jump up on top of his head, and nip his ears and then his jowls the whole time growling like she is a big toughie,  Rigg’s doesn’t make a sound and just keeps pulling on the toy.

Someday I will figure out the video part of my Canon and share this with you, he is just so good with her.

I see where Rod in KC, dewinterized his MH. I may do that this weekend, and get the frig fired up and all the other systems checked like the furnace, I did fire up the A/C last weekend and it is working, so Once all is checked It will be ready to roll, Frozen food will be stocked, also beer & soda, so if we decide on a quick trip it just takes a short stop at the store on the way out for the stuff that would spoil. Actually this is late in the year for us as I have had years when I made a short trip in the end of March to shoot some trains, and not worried about freezing, we just had a long cold winter this year, another example of global warming.

Well that’s about it for today, another slow day at the Weeb Ranch. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Thanks Sam for sharing the pictures of you and your brothers. I particularly like the black and white next to the tracks. As for the cold temps, I have been running a small electric heater at a very low setting in my motorhome (didn’t want to winterize for such a short period of time) on a few nights since arriving home.


  2. Isn't it wonderful that God gives us memories to last a lifetime??

    Have fun when those kiddos get home from school.

  3. The blacksmith de-winterized our Casita today. I just hope I can get a new mattress pad and cover along wity some new bright curtains made before our trip next Thursday!
    Stay safe, rain is coming!

  4. It hit 50 here today...McGuyver took some old siding off our garage and then fired up the John Deere...It was either get the mower going or buy some cattle to graze it!!

  5. The weather here in OK is crazy too. Two days ago we had A/C on, yesterday it was the heat. Today - nothing.

    I would love to know how to get old pictures uploaded on my blog. I am not good at reading directions and doing it. I need to be SHOWN!

    Yea, time to get that fridge filled with camping goodies, my friend.

  6. Treasure those memories and share them with the young ones! They are what keep your ancestry going.

    No worries about getting the Veterans Week at Branson date to us... We've been going down there every fall right before it so are kind of familiar with it, even tho we've never actually attended that actual week's festivities! Branson is so Veteran friendly tho, there's always a welcome feeling everywhere with discounts and tributes in every show we've ever attended! But thanks for thinking of sending out the dates to us! Have you ever gone for that week?

    Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

  7. Obviously you have a history with trains that goes waaayyyy back! :)

  8. Love the picture of you three with the train. Memories are great...

  9. Great old pics Sam! Glad to see you got th default sizes working.

  10. That is a great picture of you and your brothers......
    I know what you mean about missing him. I lost my only sibling, my younger brother Richard.....he had a massive heart attack about 14 years ago,,,he was only 53 years old.....
    I know his 3 daughters and several grandchildren miss him to...

    Have a joyious Easter Sam!!