Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

First of all I want to thank those that e-mailed us when they were concerned about the severe Good Friday Storms and Tornadoes that hit the Metro St Louis/St Charles Mo area. First and foremost the Weeb Ranch and Dardenne Prairie escaped without any major damage although a tornado touched down and destroyed several homes in New Melle Mo. about 15 miles from us on Hwy Z.  All the family and Grands are safe so we gave thanks this morning for the Lord watching over us.

Here is a link to the Newspaper web story Total DevastationSt Louis Lambert Airport may reopen Sunday, All the pictures on the web are copyrighted so they can’t be posted on a blog. As far as the storm here at the Ranch, The tornado sirens went off about 06:00PM it started to rain hard and both Rigg’s and Sadie knew something wasn’t right, Sadie made a bee line for Grandpa’s arms and Rigg’s laid on my feet. Funny how animals can sense something out of the ordinary in the weather. The rain really started to come down and the wind picked up you could hear the turbines in the roof sounded like they were going to lift off any second, the news said the winds gusted to 80mph in St Charles County, then after about 15 minutes it got quiet again except for a steady rain.

From the looks of the TV this morning it was like a war zone in my old patrol area in the Dellwood-Ferguson area.They said it was the worst storm in 40 years and I can remember the tornado that touched down 40 years ago there and how it looked and all the work we had for weeks  trying to get it cleaned up.

I went out and looked at the trailer & truck today and didn’t see any damage, even the  tress held up with just a few branches blown down.

Donna is going to the restaurant tonight, and Nicole came back today so we will have one Grand here for Easter Morning.

I hope everyone will have a Happy Easter and even if you have diabetes like me, you can enjoy a sugarless treat.

Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna.


  1. Better get started helping the Easter Bunny out with all those eggs! :)

    Glad to hear you weathered the storm well.

  2. I'm so glad you or your family didn't suffer any damage. You deserve a great summer after all you've been through this winter and spring!

  3. So happy all is well for you and yours...After watching the news about all the damage, we counted our blessings...Remember that commercial.."Don't fool with Mother Nature"...no truer words were ever uttered!!!

  4. Happy Easter Sam to you and family. I am glad the storm did not cause you any troubles.


  5. We are glad you came through it all. Those tornado's and the Hail scare me. I hate them. I'm almost afraid to head up to the Black hill's this summer, I have a feelin it's gona be a hail of a summer...
    Happy Easter,,Praise the Lord!

  6. Sure glad the storms and tornadoes missed you guys. Lots of damage in St. Louis though.

  7. Glad to hear that you guys are all OK after the terrible storms in your area.

  8. So glad you are all okay and that there was minimal damage to your place. Wishing you a Happy Easter!!!

  9. Yup..the moment we turned on the news this morning, you guys were our first thought! Thank goodness you are all right, and hope the damages were minor in your area.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Oh my, I'm glad your family didn't have any damage or injuries. I have not turned on the TV in the hotel at all. Guess I need to remember to turn on the news sometimes. I did bring a weather radio with me, it is supposed to sound an alert if there is a weather warning in the area I am in.

  11. glad you are all safe and sound!!..have a great Easter!

  12. Glad to hear the storm passed you by and all of the family is ok.

    Have a Happy Easter!

  13. Glad you escaped any tornadoes in your area and that there was no major damage for you. Animals seem to have a sense for a weather change and know when to hunker down. We thought we were going to get blown away last night, Sherman was really rocking in the crazy wind we had.

    Happy Easter.

    Kevin and Ruth

  14. I belong to a campground_crafters group and one of the ladies on there told us her DIL family all died except for a 19 year old. That 19 year old had to make some very hard choices and her childhood wiped out. Break my heart to hear such news. I am so glad and thankfull you guys are safe and ok.

    Happy Easter!!

  15. Great to hear you were spared! My sister-in-law lives used to live in Bridgeton but was bought out several years ago by the airport for the expansion 'of the future' project. She lives in Kirkwood now and had no wind - just rain. TM and I were going to go to Grafton Fiday, but I changed the plans when I heard the weather forecast Thursday -- glad I did!