Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Notes.

Up early and coffee with my bride, Then at 05:30AM Donna left for the truck company, she said yesterday on the way home she got to see the destruction at the airport and the neighborhoods around it, She said it truly looks like a war zone with police out patrolling the battered ruins on foot looking more like soldiers than cops.It is really amazing that with all the homes and property ruined not one fatality and very few wounded. The Lord was truly looking over those people on Good Friday.

Today the rain finally quit about 10:00AM and by noon the sun was peeking through a little at a time and the temps edged toward the upper 60’s, I said this is as good as it gets for today and went down and started to take the plow off and put the belly deck under Johns Deere, Then when I went to start it after getting everything pinned up, He didn’t want to start, Can’t blame him,he was put away 3 weeks ago after a hard session of plowing and that is absolutely the roughest duty he has. He will hum along with the deck humming and cutting contently all day, but the harsh  starts and battering he gets plowing and pushing snow till he stalls is really tough work and it takes a lot more out of his battery.So I put the charger on him for an hour and then went back sown to the garage and he fired right up, We then went out and cut a little in one of the higher areas where the wind had dried most of the water. It will be several days before I can get into some area and that is if we have some sunny and windy days to dry up the standing water, plus the ground is saturated so even with low tire pressure you can still get stuck.

Nicole just got home from school and is doing home work.Her Mom, Samantha told Donna she doesn’t want her pictures on the Internet because she is afraid of some psycho finding out where she lives and snatching her. I truly don’t feel that is much of a danger, but its her Mom and I will respect her wishes no matter how much I enjoy sharing the fun I have that little cutie pie.

I don’t believe there has ever been a recorded case of something like this happening to a blogger, but I have heard of others that won’t put there kids or grandkids pictures on their blogs, so I will respect Samantha’s wishes.

Other that that not much going on, now that John is ready for duty I can cross that off the to do list.

I hope maybe we will start with some more warmer weather. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. I'm with you ....but ya gotta let the mom call the shots. We actually hit 68 degrees today!! We head for Indy tomorrow...looks like we could wander through some storms...just great.

  2. I will miss seeing your photos of Nicole and all her activities, but you are wise to heed her mother's wishes.

  3. My daughter in law has made the same request about her kids and pictures on the internet. But yet she will put all kinds of pictures on the face book, and think nothing of it. I just say OK what ever you want.

  4. At the moment, if I did not put pictures of our granddaughter on the blog, I would have nothing to post :(

  5. I suppose you just never know in this day and age. A mother's greatest fear is that something will happen to her child.

    Take care...

  6. My brother was kidnapped at 3 weeks old - I was 8 years old and remember. My Uncle's ex wife done it and my brother was recovered (Thank God) a little over 2 weeks later. He's my baby brother. I so get the whole fear thing. You are awesome to respect that. No rain today - a shocker!!


  7. I agree with you Sam, but the Mom has to call the shots for sure in these cases.

    Glad to hear you guys got through those storms o.k.

  8. You are lucky Sam. Over here in Indiana we got another 2" of rain last night and lots of wind and hail. Will it ever Quit?

  9. We also agree with you. Most abductions are family related in someway and if they want to find them they will find a way without a blog. As you say though you have to respect her mother's wishes. We will miss seeing pictures of her.

    Glad things look to be drying up there.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. I sure hope this weather gets under control soon. Nearly 30 states have had or are having weather that could be called a disaster.
    Glad to hear that Mr. Deere is ready for action.

  11. I have flown into the St Louis airport many many times back when I was working,,,,,its right in town, I'll bet that was a disaster...What a shame... I hope all the storms are over before we head to the Black hills, but I know they won't be...

    Take care Sam,,,and I understand you have to respect momma's wishes, right or wrong....

  12. Torando warnings followed us through OK, then AR and now here in MO. I am thinking - I will avoid these states during tornado season, will avoid MS and LA during hurricane season, will avoid the north when it snows, no NM or AZ during the summer and always stay out of California (earthquakes, you know). I suppose this sort of limits our traveling?