Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Notes.

Up early, had coffee with my bride, the news on TV said severe thunderstorms and hail heading our way so when Donna left for work I put the truck in the garage for the morning. Andy took Nicole to school in the car.Right after he got back we started with thunder storms but I never saw any hail to speak of.

It was really a slow day around here Rigg’s & Sadie got some quality rug time just to be pals.

Rigg's & Sadie04-19-11b

                             Rigg’s & Sadie.

This afternoon I decided I needed a short project so I made a bracket to hold the cover on the top of Adam’s AK47 pellet rifle, amazing what you can do with a piece of metal coat hanger and a couple of good sized pliers.



Where the square hole is there was a plastic snap that Adam broke off, I think the metal bracket will outlast the gun.

Not much else to report the Ranch is quiet now, Nicole is doing homework and donna just got home and is making Gnocchi  and pasta sauce for dinner, sounds good to me.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. It's 36 degrees here now...and we did have a little snowy looking stuff, but nothing stuck. Quiet around here too...but our grass really needs mowing!!!

  2. the gun looks like it is aimed at the door..waiting on a invasion of burglars?.. :)

  3. Well, we were back in the snow here, but by choice! We did check out the old Union Pacific building in Cedar City, but it was not much, no longer used. Dinner sounds good!

  4. Hi guys! We are approximately 2 1/2 hours northeast of St. Louis -- not too far from you [IL side]. We had a bit of the 'yucky' weather, too. Hope that meal was as tasty as it sounded tonight. Enjoy!