Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Meanderings.

Was up early and and coffee with my bride, for some reason neither one of us had a restful night, I had the option with Rigg’s to get a nap after Donna left for work.

This morning after daybreak, the fog was so thick, you had to cut it with a chainsaw. Then about 01:00PM the sun finally broke through.The high is only going to be 45 degrees, but that’s not a bad winter temp.

Donna strolled in the door about 01:30am and caught me and Rigg’s snoozing through a train movie. She said the power was off at her work and they said it would be a long time restoring it, so they all went home. She decided to bake some cupcakes.



Grand Chris does the cleanup of the wooden spoon and chocolate icing dish.

My Grandog  Ralphie sent his Uncle Rigg’s an e-mail from NYC.

Hey Uncle Riggs. its your nephew Ralphie....How about those Giants, my home team....

Your Cardinals won at baseball....My Giants won at football.

Anyway, my Dad has read me some of your adventures...heehee....got some of my own.

Like you (guess its a family trait) I don't like it when my Dad ignores me.  He won't let me into the kitchen so he puts up this gate...Well, I stand and watch him for a few minutes and when I see that he is really absorbed in what he is doing off I go.

Last night he really yelled at me and threatened to put me in Doggie Jail, just like has happened to you.

You see he caught me chewing up his cable wires... I knew if I was quiet and he didn't see me he'd come looking for me...He should have known I was up to something, see how I'm sticking my tongue out at him!


Those cables are there when I'm alone but no fun chewing anything if I don't get Dad's attention.

He thinks I chew his shoes up because I'm being naughty, but you know how it is. they smell just like Dad and I don't mean to chew on them, but I put my nose next to them to smell him and it just happens that my teeth get moving.

He has also threatened to change my name to Sock-it-to-me.....now isnt that a silly name.  But I have this game where I take his socks and hide them in places all over the apartment...He just hasn't figured out that this is a version of Hide and Seek....I hide socks and he's suppose to seek them....see I can't hide from him I'm too big but a sock is small and I can find lots of places to hide them.  Wish my Dad could stay home and play with me all day.  You have Sadie  you can play with, but Dad's all I have and he does play with me and take me for walks, but not all day.

Oh well, just thought I'd catch you up and what I've been doing, I'd better get back to watching the door until

Dad gets home from work.

Love, your nephew Ralphie, aka the sock stealer.

Looks like my son Sam has his hands full with little Ralphie.

Well that’s about it for today, we are patiently waiting for the time to go by and Spring to get here so I can make one test ride with the fiver and check out all the systems, maybe a couple days along the railroad when the days get warmer in March. then it will be off to Florida. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. that Ralphie sure sounds adventurous!! What a cutie...sorry you and riggs got caught napping...thats what Donna should have been doing instead of making cupcakes..that woman never stops...:) have a super rest of week.....

  2. Ah, gotta admit I feel sorry for Ralphie. Hard for a little guy to be home alone all day. He sure is a cutie even if he is a handful.

  3. Ms Megabyte2 likes cords too,,,she only likes the expensive cords, like the ones to computers, cell phones and the like. Yhe cheap lamp cords aren't to her taste.... I've had to put cable cord covers on all my electrical cords....

    For a couple old LEO's you and I have it made Sam,,,,,If we could just figure out how to sstop growing OLD!! Have a great day!

  4. I just cannot believe you fell asleep during a train movie...Riggins must have changed the channel to the Dog Whisperer!! We just came across a fellow RVer who is a huge train buff. I will email you his website...