Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up at 04:30 AM with my bride, we had our coffee and than Donna was off to the truck company. We were greeted with a couple of inches of snow, but not the 3-5 inches that was predicted. About 05:00AM Shana call and and asked if I could get Adam at 07:00AM since they had cancelled his school for today.

So I was off to Warrenton Mo. at 06:15AM and the roads were clear and hardly nobody else was out.We got back home about 08:00AM and Adam wanted to get on the computer, I sent him down to use the one I set up for his Dad in the family room downstairs. Since I wanted to check the blogs, and mail on Donna’s laptop in the kitchen.

Andy got home early this morning from plowing and salting and went back to bed.

By midafternoon the majority of the snow cover was melted, so that is good, John got a reprieve and didn’t have to plow snow today at all.  If I pretreat it or Andy does with a little salt that is all I need for these little 1-2 inch snows.

Donna is working a shift at the restaurant tonight rather than being home so it will be just Adam & Nicole & I for awhile.

Rigg’s and Sadie had a good day they always like it when one of the kid’s is home and they have a playmate.

Not much else doing here. Waiting for Nicole to get home from school. Hope everyone is having a fine week out there. Be safe, Sam & Donna…..


  1. Have I told you lately what a great Grampa you are..?..and Donna is a wonderful G-Maw!! We sure do miss our grands, but we also know that we can only do this gig so long...So we are going for it now (while I am still willing to ride with McGyver!!)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Donna. What would those grandkids do without you? It's fun to be a grandparent isn't it?

  3. happy valentine's day to you and Donna!!!

  4. Glad to hear the snow isn't keeping you all locked inside!

  5. Nice to have grands over for a little extra company.