Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Up early and had coffee with my bride, then it was off to the truck company and the restaurant for Donna.

My Son Andy was off to the airport at 09:30AM to catch a plane for his fishing trip given to him by his Uncle Pat, (Donna’s brother).He will be gone until Sunday night. He will be meeting his Cousin’s Patrick (Pat’s son) and Larry ( Pat’s son in law) in Orlando and then joining Pat for a fishing expedition. Told him to watch out for gator’s on the lakes they’ll be fishing.

Lucky him we are going to start a cold streak today with a high in the 20’s Saturday.

Pretty quiet day here at the ranch, Nicole will be home and then she has Girl Scouts tonight. Boy between Cheering and all the other stuff she has going she keeps her schedule book full.

I  missed the highlight of my Thursday, the trash truck came and I missed it. I noticed last week they put a brand new truck on the route, that picks up the dumpster and dumps it in the top without the driver getting out. Wow are we coming up in the world or what. The old truck he had to get out at each stop and walk your dumpster to the back and dump it in and then squish when it was full. I am waiting to hear what the new truck sounds like when it’s squishing. Doesn’t take much to get me excited huh. We have our trash service with Waste Management, the mafia owned company that has their world headquarters in the Jersey Meadows. Wonder what the trucks sound like when their squishing out there in Jersey.

Rigg’s was in trouble again, here read about it..

Boy Mom sorry I scared you last night....You came home late from work and I didn’t greet you  at the door as usual. You called me and I didn’t come. Then I heard you go into the living room...nope, not there...you checked the dining room...nope not there...you checked the spare room...nope not there...your bedroom ...nope not there either...

Then you called Andy on the phone to see if he had taken me for a ride...nope wasn't with him either. I could hear your voice that you were worried....you checked the rest of the house...finally you knocked on Samantha's door to see if I was with her and Sadie..you opened the door and out rushed Sadie...but not me....then Samantha told you she put me in doggie jail. Meantime Andy called 3 times wanting to know if you had found me.

Guess I should have whined or barked or scratched at the door so you weren't so worried, but was kind of funny watching you run around opening all those doors, even going out to the sun porch.

You are right Riggs, you should have let me know you were in jail, I was worried, and I opened all those doors

because how many times have you opened a door gone into a room and then shut the door.  Have never understood

how you can open a door to get into a room, but can't figure out how to open a door to get out of a room.  If I hadn't

been so relieved to find you I would have left you in jail.  Now what did you do?

Personally I don’t think anything warranted jail...not once but TWICE !


1st time Dad put me in jail....can you believe that DAD, he's never put me in doggie jail before.  It's like this you know I love butter bread. Dad fixed spaghetti for him and Nicole for dinner.  He made her two butter breads with her food. Now she is a tiny little girl, what does she need with 2 pieces of bread, so I snatched one right off her plate.  2nd time guess Samantha got mad when I got into the trash ,opened the pantry,and went into Nicole's room and stole some stuff from her room...so it was back to jail.  But I want to know why didn't Sadie go to doggie jail when she was so mean to me the other day.  She was sleeping on your lap and I was just sitting next to you minding my own  business, when you moved her so you could get up, she got real mean and snapped at me, snarled and tried to bite me.  You know that wasn't nice, and she's lucky I know how big I am cause I could really hurt her.  Anyway she didn't go to doggie jail.

You're right she didn't go to doggie jail as that wouldn't have done any good with her. Doggie jail is big and she wouldn’t have minded, but she really hates getting yelled at and a tap on the nose.  If you noticed after I yelled at her and told her she was a bad girl she didn't come near me for a long time, she was scared she would be yelled at again.

Where with you when we yell at you, all you do is grin .

Ok, Mom I'm sorry and I'll try to be better, also I like my good dog treats and I didn't get one from you last night.

Well that’s about it for today, hope all is well out in blogland, be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. That poor guy tries so hard to be a good boy. I think he got the last laugh by just lying low and keeping quiet while Donna looked for him. Only a lab . . .

  2. Hay Sam, the trash truck picks up ours on Wed. so that's always the highlight of my week, too! I've even gone so far as to take pictures of the frost on the lids of the trash containers, as they sit out by the street, in the cold, waiting to be carried to a higher place! Riggs has a lot to say, doesn't he? You should get him a laptop!

  3. poor Rigs he tries so hard to be a good boy...and hes such a handsome boy!!!! sounds like he got the last laugh tho...

  4. I was thinking of Russ as I was reading your account of the new trash truck. He seriously does like to see the trucks come by. We get TWO trucks...one for garbage and one for recycles...and every other week we get a third truck for yard waste. It's like watching a movie!! Poor Riggs...give him a hug and let him know he's forgiven :))

  5. I think you had better take Rigg's out for a long walk every day so he's too tired to get into trouble. :)

  6. Best line of the whole blog:
    "when we yell at you, all you do is grin"

    Gotta love living with a Lab!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard