Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, February 17, 2012


Up early with my bride, then she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

Besides a trip to the store and Walgreens for some over the counter cold medicine, my day was pretty much a stay at home Dad day with the furkid’s, Here I thought Rigg’s was getting over his puppy tricks, and someone left the door to the utility room ajar, and Rigg’s got in there last night and tipped over a trash can and had a ball ripping up a plastic trash bag and it’s contents. He’s in trouble again.

I guess he knows it as he has been trying to get on my good side all day my laying next to me and begging for pets.

Today finally was a sunny day, started out cloudy but the sun came through about 10:00AM and has stayed nice all day it is about 55 degrees now at 03:30PM. Nicole is due home from school in about 15 minutes so the two mutts are camped out at the back door waiting, Sadie ought to know by now there is no way she will be able to be first in line to greet her, with the big boy Rigg’s bulling his way to the head of the line.

Her arrival is a hoot to watch each day she tries to avoid Rigg’s kisses and licks. She usually ends up running down the hall to her room with the two mutts right on her tail.

Going to be another quiet weekend here at the ranch, Adam’s Mom called and said she had something for him to do with her family so he would be staying home this weekend. I’m pretty sure Chris & Nicole are going to spend the weekend with their Dad , so it will sure be quiet here.

I am hoping Donna will be off all day Sunday from both jobs. she has a shift tomorrow night as usual at the restaurant.

Well that is about all there is for today from the bustling Dardenne Prairie area of MO. Everyone have a great weekend, and be safe out there..  Sam & Donna………


  1. You just think it will be a quiet weekend. I would imagine Riggs can change all that.

  2. If there were canine reform schools they'd be filled with black labs. But even at that they are the most wonderful dog breed in the world!

  3. and another great day at the ranch...I sure hope Donna has the day off also :) have a good weekend

  4. With your leg problems, are you unable to take Rig's for long walks? That helps a lot with energetic dogs like he and Emma are.

  5. Looks like you and Donna are due for a quiet weekend!

  6. Sam I hope you and Donna relax and enjoy your quiet weekend. Tell Riggs to be a good boy ♥

  7. Sounds like a GREAT peaceful weekend in store for you guys!!!
    Have fun