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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Musings.

Up early and had coffee with my bride, then she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

We got up to about an inch of snow on the ground, this morning, hopefully I won’t last long, the roads weren’t covered and driving was fine this morning. I stayed in the house.

My son Andy even volunteered to go grocery shopping which I was glad for, as I didn’t feel like going out.

I was sitting around thinking about cars today and I came to the realization that my family had their share of oddball brands. My Grandfather had a 1952 Kaiser,

800px-'53_Kaiser_(Auto_classique_VAQ_Mont_St-Hilaire_'11) (1)

Like this one, it’s a 53, his had the sunshade too.

Wife Donna had a 55 Hudson,


            Donna & her Hudson.

Her brother Pat had a Studebaker.


                   Similar to Pat’s Studebaker.

Sam had a 42 Willys MB.


                  Sam’s 42 MB Willys-Overland.

How many of you owned these off brands and remember them, as far as I can remember they were good sturdy cars that gave good service.

Sam also had a 65 Rambler Marlin with the seat that folded down into a bed. A lot of parents would not let their daughters go to a drive in a car like that.



        This is almost identical to the one I owned.

It was a neat car for it’s day with a Chev 327 engine with 4 bbl carb and a 3 speed with overdrive controlled by twin sticks.You could wind out second and then pull the overdrive stick and wind it out again up to about 90mph, it surprised many of my friends that thought their 327 automatics were fast.

Well waiting for Nicole to get home and then we will have to plan something for supper, maybe spaghetti it’s easy and fast and Nicole loves it. She is a dream to feed, will eat almost anything and try things, The boys, Adam & Chris are very picky eaters and would live on Totino’s and Mozzerella sticks if you let them.

That’s about it for today, Hope everyone is having a fine week , Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Wow those pictures brought back memories! That Kaiser reminded me of a'52 Olds 88 that I drove for my first three years of college ('66-68) In '68 I bought a new Mercury Cougar with the turn signals that blinked across the back in sequence from the center out. My uncle had Studebaker Hawk(I don't remember what year but I think it was in the 60's). Thanks for the memories !

  2. Yeah my brother called his car lobster red...the rest of us called it PINK....didnt set so well with a 20 year old college man.

  3. We always had a Chevy growing up..The 1952 Bel Air, was yellow, with a green top and green strip running through the body..AND the big ugly white wall tires...Very flashy..but then,so was my Dad :-0

  4. My dad had a couple of Kaisers when I was young. I remember the old cars and they didn't seem weird back then. Of course when you saw a Studebaker you never knew whether it was coming or going!

  5. I have a 56 Studebaker champion back in the late 70s...and a 55 chev..in the 70's I picked up a new 75 chevy nova..aww they don't make cars like that anymore...love the pic of Donna on her car :)

  6. My grandpa had a Studebaker and my Dad had a Comet. Remember those? Made by Mercury. My first car was a 53 Chevy - pretty conventional. I never knew anyone who owned an Edsel!

  7. Nice Blog Sam, it brings back a lot of memories.. You guys were all so lucky, when I was a kid all I had to ride was a HORSE!!

  8. My best friend had a Hudson. My first car was a 53 Mercury - Turquoise! I remember Dad had some type of car with push button gears instead of a stick shift. A Ford maybe?

  9. Lots of great old cars, Sam. Hardly ever see a Studebaker around anymore.

  10. Phyllis, my mom had a Desoto w/ push buttons could that have been it? Big fins on back?

  11. And NOBODY mentioned the sexy chick?????

    Steve and Karen
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