Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, February 24, 2012


Up early and coffee with my bride, the she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

It was really cold and windy this morning Donna called and said the dumper had blown into the middle of the yard so I had to go and fetch that.

Went to the store for milk eggs beer and bread. Got home and while I was bringing the bags up the bag I had a gallon of white milk in fell from the cook station and the side of the plastic gallon split down the side and leaked the entire gallon on the floor, what a mess, Rigg’s was lapping it up for all he was worth as I was sopping it up with paper towels. He evidently got his fill as he laid down and took a nice nap on a full tummy. It was hilarious to watch, but Hated the mess clean up.

This afternoon it was off to Warrenton to pick Adam up at the bust stop and then bring him back to the ranch for the weekend.

No pizza tonight, Adam asked if I would stop on the way home and get him White Castles, the kid is growing up, now he likes the porcelain palace. For those of you that don’t live in White Castle territory, they are small burgers similar to a Krystal Burger, but cooked in onions, and known for their ability to produce more methane per ounce than any other food, these things could power truck.

Hope the weather is warmer tomorrow, it was cold with the wind blowing today.

That’s about it for now. be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Never cared for White Castle.

    You should have taken a bath in all that milk. It's supposed to be good for your complexion. :)

  2. I've never had White Castle burgers. I don't think there are any up this way. I would like to try them some day just to say I've been there. :)

  3. Been forever since I've had a White Castle. Your milk story had me cracking up. Reminded me of when we had peanut brittle come crashing out of the cupboard during a panic stop. I was cleaning it up as fast as I could and Skittlez was eating as fast as she could.

  4. have never been to or seen a White Castle either..i got a good chuckle out of the milk story ;)...good thing it wasn't the beer..or Rigs would sleep longer :)

  5. White Castle rules in the Midwest..but it's akin to a heart attack in a couple tiny burgers!! Actually, I have a recipe to homemade Whitecastle burgers... I make it when all our kids come home, as they can handle it better than us..

  6. Could have been worse, Sam. You could have dropped the beer instead of the milk! Then you'd have been in a race with Riggs to lap it up!

  7. Wow! I like those comments of beer vs milk. How well do these people know you?