Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Mumblings.

Up about 06:00AM and had coffee with my bride, we the napped a little longer and then I started reading the blogs.

This morning Samantha took Sadie to the beauty shop for mutts.


            Donna & Sadie after her haircut.

Had a nice relaxing day until 03:30PM when Donna got ready to go to the restaurant for the night.

I am going to spend the evening with my buddy Rigg’s, he will supervise me in having a couple of cold ones with some leftover pizza. I told you it was good and like most Italian foods, it is always good as a left over.

I especially like spaghetti sauce that has cooled down and then has been reheated for left overs.

Trying to get a plan together to get Adam & Nicole out for a camping outing. I’ll let it warm back up first and then we will be abled to swim most of the day and play with the bikes and Rigg’s after supper and then a campfire.

Usually the kid’s are played out after a day like that. I know the Grandpa’s are played out. With Donna working Grandpa gets to do it on his own.

I’ve got my fiver parked in front of my one garage stall as I am going to pull the wheels and repack bearings and inspect brakes before my next trip, it’s made the trip to Wisconsin and back and the trip to Florida and back and so I think I will do it before our next major trip, it’s been about 5000 miles since the last repack. but I have the laser to check the bearing temperatures and they haven’t run hot at all so maybe the system I have is working. Parking it there gets me close to the jack stands, compressor and tools needed for these jobs.

Another sunny and mild day with a high of about 78 degrees, just perfect for me. If I want to work outside or in.

Not much going on here in Dardenne Prairie, went to the store and the Ladies I know there all were asking about our trip to Florida. I think they were jealous. That’s about it for now. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Love cold Italian food too!!! Some people think that is strange ~ I don't...
    Have fun

  2. I envy you having the ability to repack the bearings by yourself. I've watched guys do it but I know I'd somehow mess it up.

  3. Sadie looks adorable with her new haircut.