Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Mumblings.

We were able to sleep in to almost 06:00AM and then Donna & I had our coffee, for some reason when I came back from the grocery run for the fiver. The garage door on Donna’s side wouldn’t go up or down. The light in the button was off like there was no power at the out let so I got my tester out and sure enough there was power there and all the way to the motor, after some hair pulling I found that one of the limit switch for the bottom limit had worked it way out of adjustment, after fiddling with several adjustments it finally started to work normally. I could just see if Donna came home after midnight and the door wouldn’t go up. But she could still open my side and go in that way and leave the car out.

It was another hot hot one today the internet said 95, but the thermometer on the kitchen window was touching 99, Sunny all day. It is supposed to be hot like this all week so the Lake keep sounding better and better. Adam comes over tomorrow, and then Monday morning we will be heading out to the Lake.

Did some wash today so I would have plenty of shorts and tee shirts along with skivvies for the week.

The blog will be like always when I’m out there, I have to find a wi-fi spot and then send it and check mail. Luckily you can save a draft in Live Writer and then post it when you get a wi-fi signal.

Not much else going on today, just waiting to hear what the plan is for Adam for tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a safe weekend. Sam & Donna….


  1. Hope you have a nice trip to the lake next week. Glad you able to solve the garage door opener problem. Hope you have a nice Fathers Day Sam.

  2. Got to 90 here today, but rain is all around us, but not here..The air tonight is much cooler, but MAN..we need some agua!!!

  3. With my mechanical ineptitude & dislike for moving parts we decided to build a car port without doors. So far so good & I haven't had to tear my hair out once yet.