Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday Musings.

Was up and had   and had my coffee at 05:00AM, Adam slept in until about 08:30AM. He then went for a bike ride while I went to my place where I found the wi-fi hotspot to post Tuesdays blog.

At Noon we headed to the pool and beach. About 02:00PM Adams other Grandpa ( Russ) and Grandma ( Tina) arrived with his cousins Matt & Eli. They joined the gang playing in the pool. It was another sunny and hot day 95 degrees ,so the pool was the place to be.

About 05:00PM we headed to the campground for some supper and relaxation. another great day in paradise.

Hope the week is going fine with the rest of my logging friends, with the limited internet I have not been able to sit and read other blogs, just enough time to check my mail and post a blog. will have to catch up after we head home on Sunday…

That’s it for today be safe out there. Sam &Donna…..


  1. We're all doing great out here in blogland so just enjoy yourself.

  2. I really envy you the quiet nights...no trains..Or maybe you would PREFER a little "squawk" from AMTRAK...;-)

  3. Doing just fine out here Sam. In fact, better than ever:))