Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday/Sunday Notes.

Saturday was another get up and have a late brunch, and then head for the Pool/Lake. this was to be the last day of a weeklong Lake vacation. About 40:00PM Adams Mom & Grandma arrived at the pool and then when he was finished they came up to the Campground Adam decided he would go ahead and go home with them instead of waiting until Sunday, which saved me a 50 mile round trip after I got the fiver home and hitched. The last thing he said with my goodbye hug was, Grandpa this has been my best vacation week, cab we do another one soon. Of course the answer was yes.Even after 30 plus hours immersed in water in 6 days.

This morning I just started stowing stuff and getting the trailer ready for travel mode. It doesn’t take no time anymore since I have a system where everything has a place where it is secure and won’t bounce around in travel mode.

About 10:00AM I pulled over to the dump station and did a good empty and flush of both the tanks, When I get back I will empty and refill the fresh water tank with good Weeb Ranch well water and then Chappie will be ready for the next adventure.

Got back to the ranch about 11:00AM and after unhitching and putting the truck in the garage. I was ready to greet my boy Rigg’s, I could hear his excited cries as I climbed the steps to the kitchen. Soon as the door opened he was up and trying to get big sloppy kisses on his Daddy, I asked if he had been a good boy while I was gone and he ran to the treat cupboard.

Since I had no wi-fi for the last 6 days, I tried to catch up on the blogs a little, sorry I wasn’t able to acknowledge the comments I received while I was gone. but I would just jump on a pirated wi-fi signal and receive mail and post a short blog and get off so I wasn’t taking advantage of someone else’s signal & bandwidth.

It will take several days to catch up I am afraid.

My bride was hostessing at the Restaurant when I got home but about 12:30PM she came home instead of 04:00PM. She said they were overstaffed so the owner told her to go home early since he knew I was coming home.

Donna said she is baking some dead chicken for supper so I am anxiously awaiting the smells and results of her labors.

Not much else going on, some of the wrinkles from the pool are finally coming out, I did try filling them up with a couple of High Life Lights each night, don’t know how successful that was but it was worth a try.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….


  1. What a fun week you had...How long before Donna gets on "dreadicare" and can join you on your jaunts? I'll bet she can't wait!!

    1. Donna has almost two years before she is eligible,She is thinking about trying to retire this Fall or winter and cobraing the med coverage until we are both eligible. I have less the a year. The only thing is finding if it will be affordable. It will probably take up all of what she would get from Soc. Sec. Sam & Donna..

  2. what a super fine week you boys had :)....glad shes cooking the chicken dead versus alive :) sorry couldn't resist :).have a super week....riggs must be happy happy to have you home

  3. How lovely and appreciated when grandchildren thank us for our efforts. Adams heartfelt thanks was a blessing.

  4. Elaine saved me from having to comment on the dead chicken....but they are so hard to keep in the pan when they are alive.........

    For land sakes figure out how to cobra that health care, Donna works too hard right now.....

  5. Sure glad Riggs has his Dad back home. Isn't it great to come home to someone who is just absolutely overjoyed and thrilled to see you?

    Never cook a live chicken with feathers on it.