Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Musings.

Up at 04:30AM for coffee with my bride. Then Rigg’s and I napped another hour.
I see where some of our friends JIM & DEE will be in North Platte NE and are going to visit Bailey Yard and the Observation tower there at the Union Pacific Railroad Yard. This is the largest yard in the world and also has the biggest Diesel repair shop in the USA. It is a must see even if your not a train nut.
This got me to thinking trains, as some of you might know I came from a railroad family with my Grandfather and Uncles working for the DL&W and the Erie Railroad when I was a kid. The pride of the Lackawanna Railroad was their streamlined passenger train The Pheobe Snow, my Grandfather was like all employees and was immensely proud of this beautiful train. The Norfolk Southern Railroad witch inherited what was left of the Erie-Lackawanna RR from Conrail has painted some new locomotives in what they are calling Heritage Paint to commemorate their predecessor railroads. Here is one that would make my late Grandfather proud.
The Phoebe Snow ca. 1950’s.
NS 1074 06-26-12 Isn’t she a beauty…
Today starts the beginning of a 4 day heat wave with temps of 105-106 predicted for the next 4 days, I’ll have to get Adam to the pool during a couple of them days. There is a heat alert in effect, and all people are being urged to cut outside work hours and stay in air conditioned areas.
We have been fortunate, I had a new A/C system installed a couple years ago here at the Ranch and it really keeps the inside of the place cool. plus with the ceiling fans going the dog’s have their rug and Sadies small bed under the fan in the kitchen and are living the life of Rylie.
Hope all is well for all of those  out there in Blogland, I know there is danger in Florida, and Colorado so I hope we don’t have anyone in harm’s way. I m still waiting to here from my service buddy Barry and his wife Bonnie who had to evacuate from their Colorado Springs home, I sure hope it bypasses their place.
Not much else going on be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Don't try to do any outdoor chores in that heat! You have humidity to go along with it, right? Stay inside, and stay cool!

  2. So thankful for whoever invented air conditioning. They don't get enough recognition whoever they are. Hope all is well for your friends. We have fires going here in MT now. The west is burning.

  3. Phoebe Snow??? She was a fab blues singer...Loved her song "At Last"...why would they name a train after her..just askin'....You all stay cool and safe inside tomorrow...We don't have A/C, so we will just move from the front porch to the kitchen for a cold one, and back to the front porch!

  4. Sam Google about the head on South of Guymon, OK... The UP folks tried to occupy the track in both directions at once. I mentioned it in my blog, but there is a lot more in the news headlines.....

  5. Great looking train, Sam. Sounds pretty darned hot back there, wow!

  6. My dad used to sing a silly song about the Lackawanna. Your post made me think of that. Good looking train. Try and stay cool during the heat wave.

  7. Kevin was thinking of you the other day and took a couple of pictures of the steam train yard in Haworth but I guess we just had too many pictures or else the pictures he took of the yard didn't turn out because he never did post the pictures of it in the blog. Sorry! Hope you two are doing well and we are think of you guys often.

    Kevin and Ruth