Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Notes.

Was up at 06;00AM with my bride for coffee, then she was off at 09:30AM to the restaurant, she had the hostess duties until 03:30PM.
They had another car show at the restaurant to benefit the Backstoppers. This is an organization that helps the families of Police Officers that are killed in the line of Duty, a very worthy cause indeed. The Metropolitan St Louis/St Charles area usually averages about 6 officers a year that lose their lives while on duty.
It is another sunny and nice day with the temps a little warmer in the middle 80’s.
That means the A/c is back to pumping out cold air to keep the house comfortable.
Ever have something disappear in your RV.When I got ready to leave the lake I made all preparations for getting underway. This included putting those two white plastic covers on the sinks. When I got home I backed it into a spot in front of my garage which precludes extending the slideout because of a retaining wall on that side.
When I went in the fiver I noticed a coupe of small items that fell on the floor, there is always something like a fly swatter or broom that falls and then I noticed the small sink cover was gone. I looked under the reclining chair and couch and have not been able to locate it. Hopefully the next time I extend the slide it will be under the carpet.
Looking forward to cube steaks, Mac & Cheese, and a vegetable for supper, a nice country supper which I always enjoy, last night I had the left over pizza, and a couple for lunch today. Told you it was good.
I am going to miss the big oven when we go full time but I will just make two smaller ones. The ones I make now I can cut into about 15 square pieces. about 4in by 4in. A lot of people like the round pies cut into wedges, but the PA. style is square cut into squares and called a tray of pizza. New York and Jersey call it a pie. Here in St Louis they like a real thin crust that is almost hard the most popular is Imo’s Pizza. Not really my style of pizza.
I like the pizza in Chicago and Wisconsin and the pizza we had in Florida was pretty good reminded me of a Chicago style pizza.
Well that’s about it for now tomorrow it’s back to the salt mine for Donna, I am going to get a haircut and beard trim.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Hard getting used to an RV oven. Today I had baked potatoes, chicken and roasted asparagus to cook in it. Sure wish I could come up with a second rack. We stopped at one dealer and asked, no luck. Need to remember to ask at the next visit to a Camping World.

  2. nothing like reheated pizza pie!!!

  3. We go for Imo's when we are down to the Lake, and have learned to appreciate the thin and crispy style with the Provolone cheese. We also have a joint about a mile from here that flys the Imo's flag, but they don't do near as good of job with the pizza over here in KC. Most of our pizza is round over here with thicker crust and more oozzie cheese... I'm making myself hungry.......

  4. how great that the restaurant hosts the benefit what a great cause...love reheated pizza :)

  5. I like cold pizza almost better than I like hot,,,,but its a proven factor that I am wierd,,,:-)