Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday/Sunday Notes.

Saturday Donna and I were up at 06:00AM for coffee, she said she wasn’t going to do anything but relax until it was time to go into the restaurant. That is exactly what she did, I was so glad  to see she even got a nap in the afternoon. I asked Adam if he wanted to go to the Lake and swim and he said no it was to hot already, by noon it was already100. He ended up calling his buddy Brandon and they played over n Brandon;s basement.

Today started about the same. My bride and I had our coffee, Donna had the day shift hostess duty at the restaurant. she said it should be slow because of the heat wave. seems a lot of people are like me and keeping the cars in the garage. Adam again declined to go swimming in the heat. I am really surprised. but I suspect his Mom might have told him it was too hot. I told him after the 4th of July I would take the fiver back up to the Lake and by then it is supposed to be down in the low 90’s which will seem cool to us, If he wants to camp we have to get it in now as he starts football camp July 20th and then after that it is daily practice so he won’t have a lot of time for camping. I know Rigg’s will be up for some camping though.

My Navy buddy Barry and his wife are back in their home in Colorado Springs, he said other than smoke smells there was no damage and nobody touched the house. He said they only had a few looters, and some of those were caught by the National Guard, and wished they were caught by the police.

Now that the sink drip has been fixed, the the oven door closes tight again, I am trying to think of any other minor repairs or upgrades that need to be made to the fiver. I just ordered a snap in replacement screen for my Fantastic Fan in the bathroom. The one that is in there has about 6 or 8 screws and is a change to take out and clean. the replacement just snaps in and covers the screw holes.

I like to leave the fan on low all the time to keep air moving inside. It also helps distribute the air conditioned air. All that means the screen gets dusty faster.

The next major purchase is going to be the tire monitors, If anyone has a suggestion let me know I am going to research this  before I decide what brand to buy. I will have 8 tires to protect.

That’s about it for today, we are all well and keeping cool ,Rigg’s and Sadie just lay under the fan and don’t have a care in the world. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. I can totally understand "too hot to swim", but I am of the "hot flash" generation!...We did get a storm this AM, and some rain...maybe the lawn mower can come out of moth balls!

  2. We are starting to heat up in Oregon but still a lot of cloud cover today. Too cool for swimming but maybe next week. Hope you and Adam get to go camping. We're looking for a tire monitoring system too.

  3. Hey Buddy, you know my recomendation for a Tire Pressure Monitoring System is the one and only PRESSUREPRO......The olydest and most tried and true system out there.... Plus listen to this Sam,,,,PressurePro is the ONLY one made in the USA....

    I don't sell then any longer and have retired, but www.tirepressuremonitor.com will do you a good job...
    Sometimes the BEST costs a little more, but in the long run its worth it!!!

    Let me know if I can help you in any way..... Your decision to not travel without one is excellent. It is one of the best safety devices you can buy....

  4. Yup! You gotta have a Pressure Pro. I didn't know Mike was no longer selling them. I was going to give him a recommendation. The system has saved our necks more than one time.

  5. Let me know how you make out on that Tire Monitor stuff. I am seriously considering it as well. At least get our Jeep covered. I'll have to talk to Mike McFall about this as well.

  6. I bought the Pressure Pro system quite a few years ago and it has paid for itself many times over. With so many other companies out there, it would be hard for me to recommend Pressure Pro knowing nothing about the others. However, whenever I needed new sensors or technical information, they were most helpful. It can't prevent a flat tire, but it can give you plenty of time to get off the road before something REALLY bad happens.


  7. Yup.. good idea on the tire pressure monitors! (I am sure you read our blog about the flat).

    We bought the Hopkins, which in my opinion is a bit fussy to set up, and not the best unit on the market. The sensors kept bulging up and leaking the batteries. Although the company has been great about replacing them right away, via UPS to us, with a return shipping label included for the bad ones. I feel they should not be bulging out in the first place.

    I think when this monitor goes kerphlooey, we will probably invest in a Pressure Pro too.

    I know there are some other types on the market, but I have never used them so can offer no opinion.
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard