Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Musings.


Somehow Rigg’s and I managed to sleep in and when we woke up it was almost 06:00AM and Donna had already left for work. Missed morning coffee, so I just had a glass of milk. I guess I must have needed that extra hours nap.

Not much doing here at the ranch it is 03:00PM and the temp is 103 again. Rigg’s has his spot staked out next to my chair and under the ceiling fan. Him and Sadie will go out and take care of business and then run right back to the door. They don’t care for the high temps anymore than I do. Another day where the truck and I have stayed in the house, just don’t have anyplace I want to go in the heat and a haircut can wait until a cool morning it’s just going to grow anyway. Thought when I got up that we might see a shower as it was clouded up but then the sun came out and that was it for clouds. Tomorrows forecast says a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm but it supposed to be 102 again, Then we are supposed to stay in the middle 90’s for a couple of days, who would think you would look forward to getting into the middle 90’s.

It’s days like this I wish we were in a campground with a pool and a hot tub and temps in the 80’s max.

Adam started his football practice this weekend  and his Mom said he did great, she said she was surprised he was as aggressive as he was, his Uncle Tim would be glad to hear that as he starred in high school football.

That’s about it for now, Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Sure hope those coaches keep a close eye on those kids in that heat. Lots and lots of water. We're heading up and up in our temps again. But at least we're not in the 100's.

  2. I'm surprised they the kids play in this heat. The parks here are closed to the public. I guess they don't want anyone passing out.

  3. I worry about the kids playing in the heat also, and hope they do it early in the day and keep drinking water.

  4. It does seem a little hot for football but kids seem to handle it better than us.

  5. I know that you are getting the heat but I wish yu could send some of it this way. We've been lucky to even see the temperature hit 70F here. Looks like we may actually have a decent weekend which will be the first in a very long time. I think out of the 30 odd days we have been lucky to have had 5 without any rain. We are pretty waterlogged here.

    Glad to hear that Adam is enjoying the football.

    Kevin and Ruth