Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Mumblings.

We were up at 05:00AM for coffee, and then just relaxed, Donna has the hostess duty at the restaurant from 09:00AM to 04:30PM . The minute she was gone I went out and since my son was also out I hitched up the truck and fiver and then spun them around to face the north, opposite of the normal way we park it. Our driveway is oriented due north so that way in the morning I can just fire it up do my preflight inspection and walk around.Then head out to the Lake. I like to leave early about 07:00AM in the cool of the morning  and that way I am set up and the last thing needed to be done is to make a pot of coffee for the the guys on the maintenance crew come by to say hi. After working there they see me come in and know the coffee will be ready. The boss retired at the beginning of the summer and cancer got one of the younger guys , but I know the new boss and the replacement so we still make it like when I was hosting our old safety meetings even with the donuts the first morning.

Looks like just a chance of showers in the morning tomorrow and a high of 90. then for the rest of he week the highs will be mid 80-s and sunny, with the night temps in the low 60’s perfect camping weather, and good swimming weather, maybe the water temp will come down a little bit from 93 of the last week.

Nicky spent the weekend with her Dad so I put hers and Adam’s bike on the fiver and Nicky’s Mom said she would bring her out and I will have to probably run and get Adam on Monday. If we get a couple of showers we will even be able to have a small campfire and make it a real campout. The last two weekends they had a fire ban, but after some rain it will be lifted.

With going to the Lake the blog may be delayed depending on being able to get a wi-fi hotspot. When they rebuilt the Main office they just hard wired everything again and they have no wi-fi, so I lost my spot there, so far the last two times I went out there I found a spot, but one that was unlocked before, I found had been locked up. Can’t blame anyone for putting a password on there router, I know I have one at home, Theoretically someone could get on there and if you have a band width limit like some do they could eat up you time and you would end up owning money. That’s why when I do find one even at a restaurant I just post my blog check my e-mail and then bail off, I don’t read and try to stay up on all the other blogs. just good manners if it’s not your money going out for it.

Read with interest a thread on another blog about people cutting through your campsites and other rude behavior, fortunately, when we use the campground at the Lake, except for the three holiday weekends when it is very crowded, the campground generally is not crowded , and since we are all lot owners, and members and pay an assessment in addition to county taxes, The people that use it all have something at stake and seem to take a higher interest in it, plus a lot of them know each other and they have the same values in keeping their kid’s started at an early age with good campground manners.

I have found also even though Rigg’s is a very social and playful animal. that the sight alone of something that big laying on his mat. deters the average person from just walking through like they own your spot too. Even a yappy little dog like Sadie will bring attention to them and that is a deterrent. Most of all it all reverts back to basic good manners and not being an ego maniac mine,mine, my way person.

That’s about it for today, waiting for Donna to get home, then it will be off on another summer adventure in the morning, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. I think the majority of people want to do the right thing, while others just don't give a damn. Then, there are a lot of people who just never had anyone tell them what is proper behavior and what isn't. I learned many years ago by the example of my parents.

  2. Morning travel is my favorite time as well. Especially enjoy all the beautiful scenery in the l early morning light

  3. Isn't it funny how once a body is known for making the coffee, NO ONE ever forgets.

    Have a great little respite.

  4. Hope you have a grand time at the lake.

  5. Enjoy the lake, Sam. Safe travels.

  6. Enjoy the trip Sam,,,,,,,See ya when you get home......