Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up at 04:30AM with my bride for coffee, then she was off to the truck company. Rigg’s and I grabbed about another hours nap.

Pretty much stayed a home body today the temperature got up to 98. since I really had no place that I needed go except for a haircut that I can put off the truck stayed in the garage.

By request Donna brought home some pictures of her new office for Jacobsen Transportation in St Louis. Here are some shots.

Donna's new office07-17-12a

Outside view with Donna and her escape in the window.


           Entranceway as you go in the building.

Reception area07-17-12a

                                     Reception Area.


                           Work Stations.


                           Donna’s work station.


                       Large conference room.


                             Lunch area.

Compared to their old place these are some really nice spaces.

The next two days we are supposed to be at 103 and 101 so the heat wave continues, maybe a trip to the pool will be in order have to see if Nicky wants to go.

Not much else doing. Hope all of the rest of you are enjoying your week and having cooler weather. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. We are having a brief respite to the hot weather, and today was one of Sacramento's sterling beautiful days! Temps in 70's, but will climb to the 80's for a couple of days and then triple digits by the weekend. I may take a day's drive up to the higher elevations and cool off! I know the snow & cold are hard to take, but they aren't as bad as the heat, at least in my opinion. Stay cool, friend.

  2. Cool front rolling down from the North is upon us now so maybe it will keep on going all the way to your place:))

  3. Looks like some pretty spiffy digs for Donna to work in. I would think that she is enjoying that. :)

  4. Nice offices Donna must have loved that move!!

  5. Great new office and much closer to home! We hope you enjoy it. Sam......just hide out in the A/C for the next few days.

    Paul and Helen

  6. stay cool Sam!!!...summer has arrived with a vengance!

  7. Our cool front has moved on through and we're back up close to 100 starting tomorrow again. At least we got some rain which helps the fire situation but lots of lightning so don't know if more fires have started or not. Love Donna's new digs. Still looks a little empty - well except for Donna's space. That looks like she is the only one doing any work.

  8. Nice new office Donna. Always kinda fun to move into a new place, especially when its closer to home...

    You guys stay cool......Its not hot enough up here in the Black Hills to bother us any....

    Ya'll stay cool!