Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday/Monday Meanderings.

Sunday we were up at 0600AM for our coffee and then at 09:00AM Donna had to leave for the day shift at the restaurant. We were going to go out for supper but it was just another cold dreary day, so Donna brought home roast beef sandwich's.
Today started at 04:30AM with coffee with my bride, then she was off to the truck company. I got an e-mail later that there was a box in the garage for me to bring upstairs, it turned out it was a new Bissell sweeper, the kind without bags. I got it in the kitchen and looked at the box and saw the dreaded words, ( some assembly required). After I got it together, there in the bottom of the box,under some cardboard was the instruction book. You would think they would have put that right on top when you opened it.
Mom’s new sweeper, she will be taking it on a test hop around the neighborhood when she gets home.
I know most of you are animal lovers and I never tire of reading about our military service dogs, especially Labs that predominate the IED sniffer ranks. Can’t help but fall for the Black ones that remind me of Rigg’s, What do you think.
                            My Protector.
                         He’s the one on the left Dad.
                     Pull toy fun.
                        Been a long day Dad.
Oh boy a ride in the truck.
                Thanks Dad , I sure needed a drink.
                                Let’s take a break.
Well that’s about it for today. It had been another cold cloudy dreary day here in Dardenne Prairie, a little on and off rain to make it worse. Haven’t left the house.  Hope everyone is having the start of a good week. a lot of thee travelers have reached their destinations safely, The kid’s in New Jersey all have their power back and are helping to dig out and clean their neighborhood, It’s great how almost everyone able body pitches in to help.
Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Love those dogs. Love any dog. But those hero dogs are something else.

  2. We have a soft spot in our heart for those Black Labs, like our Gypsy was...Sometimes we forget that those dogs are serving our nation too....and with no trepidation for their own lives..Thanks for showing that ....

  3. Great post Sam I love all dogs - there are alot of great dogs out there that not only help serving our nation but service dogs for people as well. Angela

  4. Love Labs, but you know that.

    Good to hear your NJ/NY families are back on the power grid.

  5. It's so wonderful the way the dogs work for their masters in combat. Such loyalty.
    I'm still waiting for the ride-a-vac to his the market. Much more appropriate for the type cleaning I do and a dozer blade on the front wouldn't hut.

  6. We never had any dogs in Viet Nam, but I'm not too sure how they would have worked out in the swamps and rice paddys... They would have been doing a lot of swimming....

    1. The Labs have webbed feet and swim through the water without a splash,never saw one that didn't love a swim call.The German Shepherds not so much. My two would only get their bellies wet on the bottom step of the pool. Sam..

  7. Ahh the one where he is grey in color from the sand is so moving. He doesn't care. We just had a K-9 police dog killed in the line of duty in Indianapolis not long ago. So very sad and so very admirable all in one. The poor officer was wounded but didn't die I'm sure he is missing his guardian terribly. Great post!

    1. That one was my favorite too, He just looks like he has put in a a full day in the heat and dust of the desert and is happy to get his reward. A little lovin from his master.Funny how they work their hearts out for a pat on the head or a squeeze and a tummy rub. Sam.....

  8. Thanks for all the dog pictures. There is nothing more faithful and loyal than a dog.