Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up early for coffee with my bride, and we had our coffee, then she was off to work at the truck company. I blogged for a little while and Rigg’s and I took our morning nap, along with Sadie who wanted up on the bed too.

About 10:30AM I headed out to Immaculate Conception Church, my old parish, this is also my polling place, kind of nice to have God watching things to make sure all is peaceful, I won’t get into any politics, but for a change their were only two pole workers outside and I got in and out within a half hour,no hassles and nobody trying to change your mind at the last minute. I always hating running the gauntlet of pole workers, I guess I have the mindset that if I don’t know who I am going to vote for by election day. I wouldn’t waste my time going.

That done I went home and kept the TV off so I didn’t have to endure any last minute commercials. Did take in a train movie this after noon though.

Only thing of note going on today is it’s dumper day so the dumper has to go down to the end of the driveway for the Wednesday morning pickup.

Donna said she would be stopping on the way home from work to vote, I’ll bet that will be a madhouse. The polls don’t open until 07:00AM and she leaves for work at 05:30AM so she has to wait until after. For the first time the schools were closed here in MO. for election day. Don’t know why or if government offices were closed too.

Well that’s about it for today from Dardenne Prairie, it’s another rainy cloudy cold day. Hope everyone is having a great day. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. We drove up and took Uncle Jr. and Aunt Jeanette to vote...They were very upset that it was now by computer and it took them a long time to vote...We still have paper ballots here in Sandwich..Sometimes I think the older peeps don't vote because they are embarrassed to say they don't understand those machines...

  2. Nice that God was watching over you as you voted haha!! We do all our elections in Oregon by mail. It's convenient but I kinda miss going to the polling place.

  3. Being SD residents, we did our absentee ballots a couple of weeks ago.