Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts/ Wednesday Musings.

As you can see I missed a day of posting, I had good intentions, but we have had a flu bug or something going around our house, first Samantha, had it, then Donna and yesterday right after lunch I felt bad, I called Donna about 02:00PM and told her I was going to take some of that flu medicine, you know the green stuff, and then roll up in a quilt and take a nap. Well that medicine sure knocked me out because I never woke up again until 11:00PM just in time to go to bed. Today I feel a little better bur I think I will wait until after supper to take any flu medicine. Donna has the truck company and the restaurant today, so it is quiet around the Ranch, it is another really nice sunny but cold day. It’s 46 degrees now and that should be about our high for the day. Rigg’s is out and Sadie is laying by Grandpa’s feet here in the kitchen. I took Donna’s car for it’s Safety and emission inspections this morning.It passed the emissions but flunked the safety inspection due to a cracked windshield. It been cracked for ages and passed last year but my inspector said it got worse.I stopped at the insurance agent on the way home and he arranged to have a windshield installed tomorrow at the Ranch for $50 deductible. can’t beat that. Then it will be off to the DMV for new stickers for Donna’s car, my truck, and the Trailer. I’ll bet the girl that gets to wait on me will be happy.

Not much else going on here in downtown Dardenne Prairie. The talk of the town is colder snowy weather coming. Hope everyone is having a good week out there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Hey, no more flu for you guys. Enough. Hope you're feeling much better quickly.

  2. Almost makes me wish I had the flu. Then I could take a big slug of that 'green stuff' & have me a good night's sleep for a change......

  3. Hope you and everyone else in the household are feeling all back to normal very soon!!

  4. It was fortunate that you woke up from your nap in time to go to bed. With the flu you need all the rest you can get. Get well soon.

  5. Your body knows when it's time to lay low...Sleep is sometimes what it takes...Hope all are better.

  6. Sure hope everyone is feeling better at the Ranch now. Take care, BTW it's nice, sunny and warm here!

    Kevin and Ruth