Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up at 04:30AM and had coffee with my pretty bride, about 05:00AM my niece Tammy stumbled into the kitchen for a coffee. After Donna left for work Rigg’s and I went back for our usual nap, I think Tammy & Buddy went in for one too.

Later in the morning we went to Wal-Mart for a couple things, and on the way out I had to take the dumper down, tomorrow is trash day, I decide this week to do it early while it was daylight after my run-in with the deer last week.

Samantha is making a batch of her world famous Homemade Enchilada's for supper tonight. Boy the Weibels are eating good this week.

I ordered Rigg’s a safety vest from e-bay, they said they had XXL that would fit a hundred lb. Lab, I hope so.

Sadie has a winter vest for when the snow flies, I ordered safety orange for Rigg’s for when we are walking him in camp grounds and near roads.

Other than that it is another slow news day here at the Ranch. We hope everyone is getting settled in their snowbird nests for the winter, I am hoping we don’t have much snow this year here in Dardenne Prairie. I would take a year like last year.

Everyone be safe out there.  Sam & Donna….


  1. Is Riggs' orange safety vest to alert hunters he is NOT a deer??? I was just wondering...why the orange??

    1. Actually I picked it for the visibility if he is walked on a leash next to a road in the campground.That and the fact that most real service dogs wear blue or black and I didn't want him mistaken for a certified trained service dog.

  2. I was wondering the same thing since he is usually in your house or yard...

  3. Those homemade Enchiladas sure sound good to me, Sam. There my favourite Mexican dish. Can't wait to see Riggs in his new outfit!