Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Was up early and had coffee with my bride and then she was off to the truck company.

I want to give a big welcome to two new Followers, SHOELESS JOE, he has a blog as you see and I must say I enjoy his sense of humor already, plus he is from just up highway 61 about 50 miles from me in Hannibal MO.

Also Welcome to THE BOONEDOCKS they too have a blog so check them out, they are full timers and are enjoying there new lifestyle. I hope all of you enjoy following the antics around the Weeb Ranch and on our travels as we progress toward getting Donna retired and us on the road. I am sure Rigg’s can keep them entertained with his antics as there is never a dull moment with 100 plus pounds of black Lab who still thinks he’s a puppy.

This sure been an up and down week here at the Ranch between the perfect storm and Donna’s friend losing her husband. As a short update the kid’s in New Jersey both in Point Pleasant, and Brick. Are still as if this afternoon without power. My Daughter in Law in Point Pleasant said there are wires and poles down everywhere and she doesn’t think it will be repaired for days yet. My son in Brick is a builder so he has hitched a generator for power to keep food from spoiling and a few lights.

I told the kid’s in Point Pleasant to jump in the car and head out for a visit, but I know they won’t they are just like me and when there’s a crisis here I will ride it out until all is well, and then take a break.

Halloween night came and went and we only had a few treaters, all the kid’s around here are grown up and plus our drive is about 400 feet long and most kid’s won’t walk it just for some candy. When my kid’s were little the one neighbor would decorate a wagon and pull it with a tractor and take kid’s from house to house. Now the farms are gone and the traffic wouldn’t allow it anyway.

They still do that out at the Lake though, and have a big party at the campground which marks the end of the camping season.

Well that’s bout it for today here at the ranch, Rigg’s and I had a slow day it got up to 60 with the sun in and out all day.

Hope everyone is having a great day, and be safe out there. Sam & Donna……….


  1. glad your kids are all ok...scary event for sure...we hung off leaving because we were fearful of running into the hurricane...

  2. Glad to hear all of your family members in the path of Sandy are o.k., Sam. That was one nasty storm.