Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Notes.

Well yesterday didn’t start very well , I was going to head to the store for some much needed items, I started the truck and it ran just long enough to get in reverse, and back about 10 feet and then it quit, no amount of cranking and cussing would get it to fire, I decided to take Donna’s Escape to the store, what a bust they were out of my beer (High Life Light), that made two of us out of it, and also Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets.What a day.

When I got home I decided to try the truck again, still no start, I pumped the fuel filter primer about 20 times and got all the air out and then it fired and ran 30 seconds. oh well I thought probably got a plugged filter, by that time I was all sweaty and it was hot so I decided since we had a better forecast for Saturday and I would wait.

Today(Saturday) I looked all over the garage for my spare fuel filter, and couldn’t remember where I put it so I would have it when I needed it. So off to Auto Zone, they didn’t have it, so I went to Carquest they had it for ($55), now I remember why I ordered two last time on the internet for $35.

Got home and took the old filter off and discovered why truck would not run, one of the wires to the water/fuel separator was broke off and could not be soldered back.

Off to the Chevy dealer where the parts department was closed. I went to a NAPA auto store and they stocked the separator $38. Feeling lucky I went home and installed the parts and it would start after priming and quit in 30 seconds. Finally I saw why, somehow the o ring on top had fallen off and was under the truck, Which meant the filter and separator had to come off and be reinstalled with the o ring in place. After that was done I said a short prayer to Our Lady of compression ignition. Then cranked and it fired up and settled into that nice rumbling Duramax idle. I don’t know how the other makes are but it takes about 30 pumps on the primer button to fill the filter and purge the air before it will fire. I took it to the store to replenish my beer supply and it ran just fine. So let’s see $55 for the filter, $39for the fuel/water separator, I did all the labor so the truck was fixed for $94. I can only imagine what the bill would be if you had to have it towed in and fixed at a dealer or garage.

So now it is almost 04:00PM and Donna will be heading to the restaurant in a little bit. The kid’s and Nicky are gone, so Rigg’s and I will be able to run wild. Rigg’s seems to be feeling better his fever is gone and his stomach is settled.

Hope everyone is doing fine and please be safe out there. Sam & Donna……….


  1. glad to see your all fixed up (beer included) and it didn't cost an arm and leg..love that riggs boy

  2. Sounds like a frustrating, but very productive day. With all the money you saved, you should be able to stock up on the Miller High Life!

  3. So both the truck and Rigg's are feeling better. That makes for a great, thought frustrating, day. I hate going to the store and then they don't have the one thing I really went for.

  4. Bet you were more frustrated they were out of your beer, than the truck not starting. Had a back-up with the car, but no back-up of the favorite beer.