Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Notes.

It is another warm sunny fall afternoon, here at the Ranch, Donna made a run to Shop & Save for groceries, and Rigg’s and I played at home in the yard, and inside.

Anybody ever take a cruise. Donna and I I have talked about it, but with so many cruise ships having incidents, and food poisoning, it is a scary proposition. Sam has taken several cruises and been paid to do it, Here is some of the scenery on those cruises.


                          View to front.


                       View to port side.


                    View to starboard side.


                         View to the rear.

Even got to shoot some Ariel views .


                              Three Ariel views.

As you can see you get to see a lot of water, but not much else. Maybe the cruise ships are a little different, and they do have a swimming pool, no truth to the rumors that US aircraft carriers were equipped with a bowling alley, they did have a soda fountain, but it was usually closed during flight ops.

Hope all our traveling friends are having safe and uneventful trips.

That’s about it for today, it’s quiet so far in Dardenne Prairie, although a fire truck went screaming by the house into O’fallon a little earlier while Rigg’s and I were out he, didn’t even give it a second glance with all the noise it was making, guess he was enjoying his Dad, to much.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..


  1. Hum, I wonder if you had any "fun" on your cruise.

  2. I wouldn't get on a Carnival cruise ship (or any other like it) for a million dollars. I would take a Mississippi River Boat Cruise instead. Just google it and check out the incredibly spacious facilities, and at least if the toilets stop working and start overflowing help is closer at hand.

  3. Kelly and Cindy just got back from an Alaskan Cruise...They on did 2 ports, then a bad storm came in and they missed the other 3 ports..They were at sea 5 days, and the sea was very scary..They took photos from the deck..then everyone was made to stay below decks..very frightening, even for Kel who was on the JFK carrier in the Navy..They will NEVER cruise again. (this was Princess Cruise Lines)

    1. An aircraft carrier's flight deck is about 70 feet from the water in calm ocean,I have, and I'm sure Kelly has seen water breaking over the bow, A cruise shp would be scary in high seas to anyone.Once you have made one deployment in the Navy you come home with a healthy respect for the ocean and Mother Natures power. Sam..

  4. But it will be and adventure, even if something goes astray.. Just think of the blogs you could write if the loo goes out or something..... LOL

  5. Just to let you know - Aunt Happy has been all over the world. Been on cruises down the Nile, the Amazon, Hawaii, Alaska, Bahamas, and who knows where else. And her favorite - the Mississippi River Cruise. We've never been on a cruise so really can't give you any info.

  6. We took a cruise from Miami for a week in the Caribbean sea stopping at 3 Islands.
    If you like crowds/non stop food and looking at the ocean then it is for you,we will not do it again.