Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hey everybody its Donna.

Yesterday I went to my high school 60’s reunion picnic. Really a good idea. I came from a small town, so a few got together and decided a picnic in a park for all that attended or graduated anytime in the 60’s should get together once a year, the 2nd Saturday in October. Being a casual setting it was really fun. I haven't been in contact much since I left. Was surprised to find how many of my classmates had married each other. Of course turn out was small due either to prior commitments distance etc. Have also lost many to cancer and Viet Nam. Again we were a small school. We didn't even have a football team until my sophomore year. We covered a very large geographical area hundreds of square miles and many cities but not heavily populated.  My how times change, now it is chic to be from the area. Here's a couple of pictures. Almost everyone that attended was from my class.


Marsha (cheerleader & prom queen) and Brenda (one of the twins)


Linda and Brenda…only twins in our school

IMG_0178 IMG_0167

Martha (class brainiac) and Marsha

Donna Dunwell and me. Of course at times I was blamed for things she did as we both had the same initials (my maiden name was Dutson).Of course since I was the perfect kid, she was never blamed for any of my misdeeds.

Weather was just perfect and a good time was had by all. Amazing what different people we all are now versus 1967. I had gone to my 15th reunion and vowed never to go again, as it was just like high school. Little cliques, many trying to impress everyone with their accomplishments and ‘wealth’. Marsha, Martha, and Linda talked me into going this year, they said now that we are older we are much wiser and all that come have the ‘who gives a sh—‘ attitude. And they were right.

Afterwards 3 of us went into downtown Eureka for dinner. Amazing there is still only about a dozen stores, sadly McGills Pharmacy that had a wonderful soda fountain where you could get phosphates (anyone remember those) and malts and of course advice from Mr McGill and Sutters General Store where you could get anything that you couldn't get at McGills or the corner grain store. Oddly the grain store is still there.  I am glad I went and do plan on going next year.  Now don't tell anyone but someone ,not from my class, had one of those Lifestyle lifts, and she looked amazing, 10 years younger than the rest of us though she was chronologically 5 years older.

Now this is what you call laid back on a Sunday Riggs style. You just look at the ball!


Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

Be careful out there.


  1. I doubt I would recognize any of my former classmates. I barely remember a few of them, but that's it. High School was not one of the favorite times of my life.

  2. I found the same thing - I hated the earlier reunions but as we've gotten older, we seem to have gotten nicer. However, listening to some of my classmates I would swear we went to different schools. We had about 120 in our graduating class and I had no idea all those things were happening back then. And yes - we all do look the same!!!

    1. I know, as I told one gal, I must have been an ostrich at school with my head buried in the sand as I didnt have a clue about half the stuff they said went on. but then again I wasnt part of the ';in' crowd

  3. That's the beauty of the older class reunions...All aires are gone and inhibitions too...just friend reliving memories..Do it while we can!

  4. I have never been to a reunion. I have no good memories of high school and don't even like to think about it. Glad you enjoyed your trip back in time though.

  5. We have three Shih-Tzu dogs and one looks just like your grand niece, Eliza Marie.

    1. she is a cutie. she's a rescue, she is blind. Tammy got her before she was destroyed.

  6. Looks like everyone has fared really well over the years. So glad that you has such a good time with your past classmates.