Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, January 6, 2012


Started the day early with coffee with my bride, she has not been sleeping well and said she might try to get in to see the Doctor soon.

Boy was I surprised when she came home at 02:30PM and said she had stopped at the doctors and he said she is starting to show signs of pneumonia and that if she didn’t get two or three days of rest he was going to put her in the hospital, that with a bunch of medication she has to take. so she is now laying down.

Today it is 65 again and sunny just a beautiful January day. Maybe the cold front passed or the front down south is pushing warmer air our way.

I haven’t gone anywhere today and the farthest I intend to go is out to the mailbox.

Haven’t heard from Adam so he may be spending the weekend with his Mom this weekend.

Waiting for Nicole to get home from school, she will be going to her Dad’s house this weekend, so Donna & I should have a quiet weekend around here. Not much else going on at the Ranch now.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and be safe out there, Sam & Donna…


  1. Hope Donna takes the Doctors advise and gets some rest. Don't know how she goes like she does. Enjoy a quiet weekend with her and your furkids.

  2. You need to be the medical police and make sure Donna listens to the doc. I know its hard on the budget if she stays home, but her health is more important.

  3. You may have to park yourself on Donna if she doesn't get some bed rest and stay away from work. Tell her to take some time for herself.

  4. I guess one way to slow Donna down is see the doctor and follow his instructions. Hope she gets rest and recovers ASAP.

    Talking of weather.... supposed to be high summer here. Rain! 16'C/60'F
    We wait for better days, hopefully next month as Feb is traditionally our hottest month.

    All the best keeping Donna resting.


  5. PS sorry you had a rough day on Thursday. Wish Donna's S-I-L all the best. Sorry she has to have more Chemo ... not fun. Anxious times for you all.


  6. Don't go to the hospital if you and at all help it!!! They won't let anyone get any rest there at all!!! I know, I've been there repeatedly....

    Follow those doctor's instructions to get the needed rest at home, and we will hope to see you better in a few days.........

  7. Lots of TLC from someone named "Sam" will certainly help..But..I'm not sure "lying" around it the ticket..When I almost had it my Doc said to get out of bed and walk around..the more you lie in bed the better grip that stuff gets lying in your lungs..She might want to check with her Doc about that, but that's what I was told...(Also was told the same thing by my Paramedic son..GET OFF THE COUCH!!) Sending good Karma to her!

  8. It's Donna...no not laying around, you are correct causes too much pain and makes congestion worse. but have only had 8 hrs sleep in 3 days so gotta get some sleep even if ony a few minutes at a time. I'll be back to energizer bunny status soon

  9. Take it easy, Donna. I worry about you and how much time you spend working.

  10. A quiet weekend, just what the doctor ordered. Hope you are able to get some sleep Donna. Take it easy and try to relax for the weekend. I know that is something that is hard for you to do but if you can you will be back on your feet in no time.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. hope that Donna starts to feel better over the weekend!!..sounds like it will be a quiet weekend at your house!!

  12. Okay friends! Donna - TAKE IF EASY. Sam - make sure she does.

    Enough said!

  13. Donna please listen to Sam and the doctors and take it easy. Hope you get well soon.

  14. Tell hubby to warm up that fiver in the yard and let you sleep out there in the new recliner! A bit of upright sitting might help your sleeping in your lungs!

    Either that or have him haul it into the house (I know it comes apart in two pieces) and set it up for your sleeping pleasure....

    Karen and Steve
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