Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday thoughts.

Slept in this morning, Donna had just left for the truck company at 05:30Am when I awoke, asleep at my side on Donna’s side of the bed was Rigg’s snoring away, he is a contact dog so having his 100lbs next to you is the same as having your wife’s 115lbs, so I never knew she got up and left. Of course the minute I got up he jumped down and was waiting in front of the pantry where his food is kept for me to put his daily ration in his dish, he will nibble it on and off until Sadie gets up and then to keep her away he will finish it.

I want to Welcome our 139th follower RUSS KRECKLOW & DONNA K. they have a great blog called Travels in Therapy that we have been following for some time. Russ & Donna we enjoy your travels even though like us you haven’t gone full time.You have been lucky to meet up with some great bloggers, Donna & I are hoping to get a spot for a short stay at Desert Sands,next winter so maybe we can all be there around the same time. You are welcome anytime here at the Weeb Ranch and I hope you enjoy reading about life here and when we do get to make a road trip, hopefully soon now the the fiver is repaired and roadworthy.

Nicole is home today she was sick last night and then again this morning, Andy and Samantha had to go out today, so Grandpa is the pediatrics nurse while her Mom is out. Donna will be home in about and hour and can take over.

Went to my Doctor’s office this morning to get the paper work done so I can get a parking permit for the handicapped spots. I have delayed this for a long time especially with Donna’s CPAP and now my Peripheral Neuropathy is getting worse. I see so many people half my age with no visible defects parking in those spots and I always felt that they should be available for someone who is really in need of them, like veterans missing legs, When I went for my appointment last Friday I asked the Doctor what he thought and said he was surprised I hadn’t asked for one a long time ago for Donna especially when we have 100 degree weather and her breathing is more difficult. He also confirmed that my feet were slowly getting worse and prescribed a drug, when Donna went to get it filled the pharmacist told her our insurance didn’t cover it and it was $250 for a months supply 60 pills, I told her no, I can stand the pain for awhile since we really can’t afford that much more on our medication expenses. I asked the girls at the office to tell my Doctor and see if there is something else I can take. He wasn’t in today so they will mail me the paperwork to take to the license office and call me if the prescription can be changed.

Rigg’s is also on nurse duty and won’t leave Nicoles side unless when goes in her bedroom for a nap she shuts the door to keep him out, she keeps her candy stash and dolls in there and if she leaves the door open Rigg’s will sneak in and steal a Barbie to play with or candy if can sniff it out. Last time he he got a doll the head came off and Nicole was in tears until Grandpa performed emergency doll surgery and managed to get the head back on. Needless to say Rigg’s was in trouble again. But she has forgiven him and likes it that he watched over her when she is sick.

I stopped at Rallo’s Italian Meat Market on the way home and got some of the good really fresh ground beef he has. and some buns, and also a couple of his frozen pizza’s. Tonight I think we will have Hamburgers, scalloped potatoes and a vegetable. The burgers are just great with that ground beef, just like a bar’s grease burgers, really juicy and tasty.Better quit here, I ‘m making myself hungry just typing about it. Hey hope all is well with our blog family, and from the Old Sarge. Be Safe Out There. Sam & Donna……


  1. Sad that some of the medicines needed by people are so expensive they have to do with out. Hope you can find a affordable alternative to help the pain. Dinner sounds like it will be good. Hope Nicole feels better soon.

  2. Sam, thanks for the invite. Same to you if you're ever out here to Oregon. We just might be able to meet up down there in the Desert Hot Springs area while you're there. We sure did enjoy that area, and will be going back for certain.

  3. Don't know what Peripheral Neuropathy is, but it sounds painful. Hope you get a cheaper drub that does the trick.

  4. I'm also noticing a rise in the cost of prescription meds I take. Several months back I read that a large number of drug patents are going to expire soon, so the pharmaceutical companies are trying to make hay while the sun shines and before the market is wide open to generics.

  5. I have had neuropathy in my feet for years, and the burning really never goes away. During the day, other things distract you so you don't notice it as much. But at night it will keep you awake. I take Lyrica and Neurontin both for the pain. But next year I will lose my drug coverage as I become medicare aged. Lyrica is the expensive one. Wonder what I will do then??

    Try neurontin, I think it is available on Wal Mart's $4 a month plan.

  6. So far our only prescription drugs are Simvistatin..and also I take Allopurinol for kidney stones..My 2 drugs are free, as I am still on Caterpillar's insurance, and Den pays for his up front and gets re-imbursed by his Medicare Co-insurance. We know how lucky we both are..Hope your Doc can hook you up..Some drug companies give out free drugs if you meet their criteria..check it out.

  7. Okay--- here is my RANT!

    How DARE an insurance company, housed by workers earning not much more than minimum wages while raking in the big bucks, tell an educated Doctor what drugs he can and can not allow his patient to take? ARGGHHHHH

    The insurance company is not the medical expert and not seeing your body and problems. They are only paying out as little as they can on each claim to make more money. But they sure like your piles of $$$ to pay their ever-increasing premiums.

    Here is why I am upset:
    I need one certain drug, which is prescribed by my doc. The insurance company tries every three months to change it to another drug (which of course they have a deal with that other manufacturer)... There is a significant difference in formula between the two, not just brand name. One works and the other don't for me.

    Every three months I have to go through a song and dance routine to get the more expensive one okay-ed again.

    They will cover one brand at the normal tier, but if you want the other one, you have to pay a much higher tier?

    But WHY should the insurance companies come in between a doctor's knowledgeable diagnosing and prescribing of a certain medication?

    I also go through this on one other medication from my other doc, between name brand or generic. I have to pay the higher price to get the name brand, because the generic does NOT work for me. ---- same thing, song and dance, three phone calls, 2 faxed paperwork sheets, and week delay on the refill process.

    Sam, why should you have do without a drug just because the insurance company decides one they will cover and another one they won't. It's all big business!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. I still look at the health care situation in the U.S. and just shake my head in wonderment.

    Eventually, all Americans will be covered by some sort of health care program just like every other major nation in the world.

    The big question is how many folks will suffer and/or die before that happens.

  9. I so agree with Rick - and hopefully we'll have a decent health care system in the US by the time I die. As for handicap placards/parking spaces - don't let anyone tell you that you don't deserve a handicap space just because you don't LOOK handicapped. (It's none of their business, anyway). My 30-year-old daughter, who still plays soccer and has nothing in her appearance that would make one think she's handicapped, needs a placard because she has no colon and needs to always be able to park close and get to a restroom quickly. She's been yelled at numerous times - but now handles it maturely. If you need it, you need it.