Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Musings.

Up at 04:30am and had coffee with my bride, then she was off ay 05:30am, to the truck company and then the restaurant.

Nicole was feeling a little better so she was off to school, Grandpa had to go to Walgreens to see if I could find an affordable substitute for that $250 a month one we couldn’t afford, He found one that I can get a 3 month supply for $50,That’s a lot better, so he had to call the Doctor and get it changed, I knew that would take a while but before I left I found something that I was sure would make a sick 8 year old girl happy.


Nicky and her new Bear, she hasn’t named her yet.

The smile on a little girls face is something that makes this old Grandpa just want to spoil her more.

It was pretty cold here at the ranch today with a high of 34 degrees but a wind made it feel colder to you when you  went out.

Other than that it was a slow day around here today Nicole just got home and is laying  on her bed with her new bear. I will start supper for the two of us here in about a half hour, When I stopped at the meat market the other day they have frozen pizza’s like what I call bar pizza’s, the kind that bars heat up for you when you get the munchies and they don’t have a restaurant attached,you know a bar, bar, not a sports bar or eatery. Anyway these are fast and easy and surprisingly good. The kid’s love em and there's plenty of food for two people. Of course I’ll have to have the appropriate atmosphere in the kitchen and get my Millers iced mug out and wash it down with a couple of High Life Lights. The first Miller High Life I ever had was in a hotel on the Chicago Loop while I was on my way to basic training in Great Lakes Naval Station.

How about a old Locomotive picture,


DL&W 1505, 4-8-4 Pocono Passenger Engine.

Here she is in 1945 all dolled up for the engineer’s last run before retirement, He is holding his Grandkid’s, Imagine the excitement in the air. For you Ladies look at the fashion statement. If you click on it you will see they have installed electric light bulbs all along the boiler handrails.

Well that’s about it for now Have a great week, and be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Glad Nicole is doing better. She is one happy looking girl with the new bear. Hope the new medication helps with your foot pain. Enjoy that pizza and your Miller. No matter how cold it is there is nothing better then a beer in a nice iced mug, at least in my opinion. Like those old train pictures.

  2. What a good grandpa to think of Nicole. I hope the medicine works well for you. Tell Donna not to work too hard.Angela

  3. Sure do know about the "bar" pizzas..We have a "bar pizza oven"..you know, the electric ones you put round bar pizza right on the rack, and electric top and bottom cooks that thing to a great brown..You need one of those ovens, Sam..JUST made for bar pizzas..
    Glad you got the meds you need..pisses me off at how much the price difference is!

  4. wow on the price difference..sure hope these meds work for you...the price of drugs is way out in left field for sure. What a sweet grampa you are and she sure looks like she loves that new bear..have a super rest of week...

  5. Nicole sure looks happy with her new bear!! Glad she is feeling better!!

  6. You are the Bestest Grandpa Ever!

    Karen and Steve
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