Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Musings.

Donna was up at 04:30am for her coffee, I got up took my morning pills and then went back to the bedroom, Rigg’s looked so comfortable laying on our bed that even though I was dressed I snuggled up next to him and the next thing I knew it was 07:30AM and Nicole was getting ready for school.

Another sunny and mild day the afternoon temp is 55 degrees, just unbelievable for winter in Mo. Rigg’s is in & out all day, he loves playing outside, and then will come in for a few minutes and then he wants back out. Then it’s Sadie’s turn so I have a full time doorman’s job it looks like.

Just looked at tomorrow’s forecast, A low of 26 tonight with rain & snow mixed,then tomorrow the high is supposed to stay at 26 with more snow. Looks like I may have spoke too soon.

Donna is going in to the restaurant tonight, she said she is really feeling better. I hope.

Not much else going on at the Ranch, the truck stayed in the garage again and the only chore is to get the dumpster down for the Thursday pickup.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Big doggie door!!! But without it you get good exercise. Sure glad to hear your bride is feeling so much better. And I, too, love to snuggle with my girls.

  2. Hoping that next year the truck won't be in the garage as much, and that it will be taking both of you and the 5'r on some nice trips. Glad to hear Donna is feeling better. Hope the weatherman is wrong and you keep the warmer temps.

  3. 5PM over here in KC and its down to 40 and overcast with North wind! Batten down the hatches its a comin!

  4. Even down here, we will get a touch ..It was 80 today..a high of 60 tomorrow..OK, OK...I know that isn't even close to your "winter storm watch"...You get the storm...We will watch...from South Texas!!

  5. hoping the weather man is wrong...and you don't get the forecast...glad Donna is feeling better..

  6. Up at 4:30??? Good LORD!! That's early. Enjoy the snow tomorrow!! I am glad to be out of it!

    Mike and Dee White

  7. Glad to hear Donna is feeling better again - good for her, but tell her to take it easy!

  8. Hope Donna takes it easy for a few more days and don't go full bore out like she usually does! The snow started here this morning, blasting and whipping and cold--- wind chills will be around 0 and snow for the next 24 hours. ICK!

    Karen and Steve
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