Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Musings.

Was up at 04:30AM and had coffee with my bride, Then she was off to the Truck company. The restaurant is closed tonight so she will come home.
I got these pictures from New Jersey, as of 11:00AM this morning (Wednesday) still no power but the water has receded.
This is the Mantoloking bridge just north of where my Son lives in Brick New Jersey.
Boatson streetPointPleasantNJafter Sandy
This is about 4 blocks from my Son Rick’s apartment. In Point Pleasant NJ.
Seaside Heights pierafter Sandy
This is the Seaside Heights Amusement Park pier, This is just a few mile from my son Tim's home in Brick NJ.
Normally the water at that bridge is about 20 feet below the road and bridge deck.
We are so glad that things are over and they can get to the task of cleaning up and rebuilding .
Thank you all out there in blog land for your prayers and support during the last few days, we are so lucky to have all of the kid’s and granddaughter weather this storm safely.
What a pretty sunny day at the Ranch it’s 40 degrees and although it’s 11:00AM I am still sitting here in the kitchen in my jammies, Boy what a life. Have no plans other than maybe go get Donna’s prescription at Walgreen’s later.
Hope everyone is having as easy a day as I am. You guys that are still on the road, be safe out there. and take it slow and easy and keep rested.
Sam & Donna…..


  1. Glad to hear that your family is all safe. That's going to be a mighty big clean up effort in NJ.

  2. So happy to hear the kids and families are all safe. No power for several days won't be fun but they're safe.

  3. Such damage as NYC has never seen...The airport is still underwater...We need to bury our power lines and electricity wouldn't be an issue!

  4. those are quite the photos from New Jersey!..glad to hear that everyone is safe..let the rebuilding begin!

  5. hello from Dallas....beautiful weather here....coolin it at the MCD shade factory getting a burned out shade motor fixed.... They have a nice parking area with rv hooks up....
    might get out of here today and we might not, who knows...no big deal. 1130 miles from north ranch...

  6. Thanks for posting those pics, Sam. The damage from the storm is incredible.