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Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Meanderings.

Kind of left you all hanging at the end of yesterdays blog, so here’s what happened. My Son Andy finally located a 60amp double gang breaker, that would fit our box in St Charles Mo. $75. I put it in and it held without any sign of any overload. However the outside A/C unit still did not run, everything else in the house electrical worked including the furnace motor.

Andy asked if I would hitch the generator up to the fiver so he and Samantha could have the air on in there. After all the running he did, I told him yes.

Donna and I called the HVAC company and the said they would have a man first thing Monday morning. of course they called early and said it would be between noon and 02:00PM. He did arrive right around noon and a little while later came in and said it was up and running, and that the high pressure switch had kicked off and all he had to do was push a reset button on the bottom and it fired right up, he thinks we had a voltage surge from the electric company and that’s what kicked the switch off and probably why the breaker burned up.

The best part was when we asked what we owed and he said “No Charge” we had bought the unit from them, and had it serviced each year, in fact a week ago for this summer. So we must have been considered good customers. Not even a service call charge Nada.

Sitting here enjoying the cool air coming from the floor vents, the inside temp got up to 85 in here even after the sun went down and we opened windows and fired up the attic fan. It will take a couple hours but it is dropping slowly.

The generator got it’s first test and carried the fiver with the A/C on overnight, when it is sitting on the grass it is very quiet and you can barely here it running inside the fiver.

Not much else going on here at the ranch, hope all is well with all our blogger friends. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

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