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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up ay 06:00AM an coffee with my bride, then about 08:00AM before it was hot, Donna went up on the roof of the fiver and took the TV antenna off so I could replace the elevating gear on it, she replaced it with the new gear and it works just fine so that is the last on our fixit list from our last trip now we can look forward to planning another one. If your wondering why Sam doesn’t go upon the roof, my weight is over the limit, and I have to watch the numbness in my feet from neuropathy since it effects my balance, so luckily Donna is still healthy enough to do this.

Also today the carpenter installed two more roof turbines on our roof, so maybe they will help maybe keep the attic cooler in these 100 degree days. especially after sundown it should bring cooler temps in and the house won’t heat up as fast and work the air conditioner so hard.

It was another gorgeous hot sunny day, temp at 04:00PM is 91 and it is just a nice day.

Our Niece Geae and Nephew Patrick will be coming for a short visit from Westerville  Ohio. with one of their boys and a friend tonight, That is just north of Columbus in Delaware County. They had to wait until after work to leave so it will be after 10or 11PM before they get here as it is a 8 hour drive.

Not much else going on, I hope all our friends are doing fine.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……

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