Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Since I have ‘retired’ I have a little more time for some things.  Until the last couple of weeks I had no interest nor time to invest in a Face book account, but now I have one. Started looking up old classmates and reconnected. Martha suggested we get together for lunch as Linda who lives in Tampa was going to be in town, turns out her husband owns a business here in O’Fallon so we met at the restaurant where I work. I knew we could get a table out of the way, stay as long as we wanted without a waitress wondering when we were going to get out of her station. We had a wonderful time, got caught up on the rest of the class. Martha has stayed in contact with many of them. Sad to say we have lost many from our small class. I have promised to go to the reunion in October. They wondered why I haven't gone to any but one of the others. I explained, I went to the 10 year and hated it, just like high school. Popular kids only talking to other popular kids, jocks with jocks, and the rest of us out in the cold, told them I decided then and there NO MORE REUNIONS.  They convinced me it is different now, that as we have all aged that there is no more of the one upmanship that there was at the 10.  And of course my head is a little bigger now since they told me I haven't changed since high school, of course the one did admit she has macular degeneration, so that probably accounts for the statement :-). 

Other than that not much going on here, unbelievable that it is July in Missouri and it was 65 this morning and the high for the rest of the week is going to be 85. Normally this time of  year it is about 100.


                    Linda and Martha

IMG_0093 IMG_0092

                             The three of us.

(I had to slouch a little, Linda is only 5’2” me at 5”10” was hard to get us in the frame otherwise.)

Now for the utterly ridiculous. Was watching the morning news and a story came on that a local pastor is having a gun buy back program…what’s so unusual about that? Well the buy back is from kids with their plastic guns and water pistols. That these toys only promote gun violence. Now how many of you had toy guns and pretended you were the Lone Ranger or Dale Evans? And none of my toys were neon green and orange, they actually looked like guns, and I didn’t become a serial killer. I also had, now hang onto your hats, a BB gun!  Only heaven knows why I grew up not shooting up my neighborhood or bank with such weapons. In fact I have a water gun right next to me now. You see it is very effective on Riggins when he decides to bark at a leaf blowing, he loves water but hates getting squirted.  If I’d didn’t have the luncheon today I was tempted to go to the dollar store and buy a bunch, a pack of 3 is a dollar, drive to the city and make myself a nice profit selling them to this nut.  As Karen pointed out what's next, cut off children's index fingers so they cant pull a trigger, or Donna K said she could see how they could be dangerous, a kid might hit another one in the nose, water would go up his nose into his lungs and he could drown.

Okay, I’ll step down from the soap box now. (But damn I could have used that extra cash :-)))  )

Hope everyone is having a good day, as Sam says Be careful out there.


  1. I hated high school so bad that I've never even thought of attending a reunion! When my boys were little I decided not to buy the 6-shooters & holsters all my brothers had when they were little - thought they encouraged war, violence, etc. I saw them now and then using their index finger as a gun, and then saw them another time using their friends toy guns. I gave in, and non of them is a serial killer.

    1. I never let my kids have toy guns either. I walked back into the kitchen one morning while they were eating breakfast. Matt had eaten his toast into the shape of a gun and was shooting Jill. You can't stop some things. Ha!

  2. I sooo agree about the water guns...They can't legislate everything, so some "do gooder" decides to inflict their nutsy idea on many...Even the song "Rockabye Baby" has diffent words not..."and down will come baby, cradle and all" is now "but Daddy will catch you cradle and all"...whatever ;-P

  3. I'm afraid I can't get into that facebook stuff. It drives me crazy. Have a niece that post every little thing in her day. Who cares? And every one of her posts clutters up my email inbox. Ugh! I wish I could put a stop to that.

    1. I stayed away a long time and have added very few people and I know the type you are talking about and you are right, you hiccupped so who cares

  4. Glad you were able to find some of your school classmates and have a chance to go to lunch with them. I have several friends that I have kept in touch with all these years and I knew them from Grade 1 and all the way through high school.

    Know what you mean about high school reunions, I went to my 10 year one with Kevin and it was OK but a couple of years ago I went with several of my school friends, no spouses and we had a great time. So I also think you should go to the one in the fall.


  5. Never been to a high school reunion. Am always curious to know what has become of many school friends years ago but would probably never go to a reunion to find out. I would be more interested in reading about old friends if someone were to write about it after a reunion. But, that's just me.....

  6. Thanks, Donna, for the comment on our blog and the offer to use your driveway. RVers truly are the nicest people.

    We are enjoying your beautiful area. Although I must admit we haven't been doing much lately but riding the bike trail, visiting the little shops, and walking the trail. We are so excited about being on concrete and having room to sit outside we have been really just relaxing.

    Now with the weather clearing, we need to get on with our list of must see sites. We went from staying three nights to a week to almost two weeks!! The zoo is on that list!! We leave on Sunday so we have our work cut out for us.

    BTW, love Riggins!! Your header is wonderful!

  7. I'm glad you "discovered" Facebook and old friends.

    Gee, does the "water launcher" I carry in my kayak for water fights count as a weapon? :-(

  8. I attended all my HS reunions except the 50th (!!!) that was last year. We were traveling between MO and NY. I was even on the committee until I was kicked off and told I could not be on it anymore. The was so much drama between the women and I couldn't keep my mouth shut. A friend just emailed a group picture a few days ago. Out of the 40 or so people in it, I recognized maybe 6. Just looked like a group of geriatrics.

    Nice that you were able to re-connect with old friends. That is the one benefit of Facebook.