Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bonnie’s Birthday

Ran some errands  yesterday,one was to the Miracle Ear store. Sam’s hearing aids are less than a month old and one stopped working…turns out there is this tiny little filter that had clogged and needed replacement.  Great service, we were in and out and they gave us extra filters if it happens again.

The granddaughters and a friend came out to rig to meet Riggs. He sat patiently (begging) as they ate their ice cream


then it was petting time! lots of kisses and giggles


Grandpa,Rigg's&thegirls06-17-15b Then Riggs found a ball and game on. Katie the older girl learned the trick…you tell Riggs drop it and ignore him and he will give you ball….younger one Meghan kept trying to pull it from him…well heck that’s tug and tug her he did and shook her….she thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Back at the house Meghan showed us her 1st place ribbon and her Championship belt buckle,it weighs almost as much as she does Meghen'sbuckle06-17-15aMeghen06-17-15a Dinner last night with Bonnie, Tim, her parents Rick and Becky, her brother Eric and sil Michelle. and their friend Rich.  Went to a place called The Little Taste of Cuba. Food was fabulous…we had everything from octopus, to fungo. I had grilled pork chops that were out of this world.


This is fungo…plantains and pork. Would you look at the size of that.

Dinner06-17-15c Dinner06-17-15d

There was a band playing across the street in front of the Town Hall and the girls went outside to listen. This is a great little downtown area, just bustling with life. Reminds me a lot of Old Town St Charles.

Katie & Meghen 06-17-15

Great food, great time, great people

Everyone safe travels and be well

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  1. You are both looking well. Grandkids can do that to us, right?