Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


We stayed in Hershey until Monday morning, chatted with Phyllis and Len and then headed out to NJ. Hopefully down the road we will meet up with them again, they are just great people.HersheyPa06-15-15a HersheyPa06-15-15b

Thousand Trails campground, Hershey Pa

Delaware River Bridge06-15-15a Delaware River Bridge06-15-15b

Delaware River Bridge….Sam wanted pic ? Its just a bridge!

Bonnie was standing at edge of road to direct us into their place, Circle W ranch. They have 5 acres with 2 horses. Tim is working very hard to clear some of the woods to build bigger paddock for more horses.

This is first time we have met Bonnie and she is the best. When she saw Sam having problems because of his back she pitched right in to get camper set up.

Sam hadn't had pizza in two days and I think he was starting to get the shakes, so when Tim came home from work pizza was ordered.


Pizza and a beer and I got a happy man.

We sat and talked a long time catching up. It’s been a long time since we have seen Tim.Lugar&Sam06-15-15a

Sam with Lugar. Lugar is a hunting dog and so very well trained, but of course he is also a spoiled house dog.  Like Sadie you can’t stop petting, once you do his nose is under you hand flopping it around, or a paw gently tapping your arm like “hey remember me…don't stop”

Sam finally agreed to go to a chiropractor, had gotten to point of not only excruciating pain but he could hardly make it up steps of Chappy. He’s never been before so he was leery. But he went and is feeling better. Dr said he had popped a joint out on his right side of back. We are going back Friday for a follow-up. He was told not to sit around too much, he needs to get up and move because that is less pressure on the spine that just sitting. I was going to take a picture but thought he wouldn't appreciate a pic of him on the table, butt in the air and shirt pulled up. Now what’s really ridiculous when I made the appointment the gal called me back and said Medicare had no record of Sam,told her guess the supplemental policy has to go thru medicare.  Well I called them, turns out when we are traveling they will only cover emergency room or urgent care facilities, not individual doctors etc.  Talk about waste….what would be cheaper…doctor office or emergency room???  Will have to rethink supplemental policy.

Last night Bonnie put on a feast for us, Tim had smoked a pork butt for 18 hours and she had fresh tuna a friend had caught. Also homemade coleslaw, rice, beans, and salad.Dinner06-16-15a

Tim,Allie&Bonnie06-16-15a Allie,Tim06-16-15a Allie,Rigg's&Sam06-16-15a

Here’s Allie meeting Riggs for first time.

We hadn’t yet met their other dog Reinna as they said she’s too much of a wild child. Well they let her out and in comparison to Charlie she’s almost comatose. Again like Lugar she is a sweet heart.  She’s the one out cold on Allie’s lap.allie,reina,lugar06-16-15a

Riggs has been good except of course for getting tangled up…Mom I’m stuck!Rigg's06-16-15a

How such a big dog can get over under and around is beyond me.

We haven’t introduced the dogs yet as Lugar is not neutered and they aren’t sure how he will be around another dog.  He is fine in the field but that is with other hunting dogs and they are all working.  Riggs is a home body and likes his camper so hasn't been a problem.

Today is Bonnie’s birthday we are all going out to a cuban restaurant for dinner.  We will be able to meet her parents and brother.

For now happy trails and be safe out there.


  1. Sounds like you and Sam..and Riggs..are having just a great time with Tim and family!! It's always nice to see family...and I'm glad went to the "bone cracker"..Part of the trouble could be sitting in the truck driving for extended hours..Maybe less miles per day would be better when you head home!

  2. Sam, beer and pizza. A real tri_fecta.