Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, June 14, 2015


Yesterday was a short travel day, so the morning was a slower pace. Sam’s back was a little better after resting for the day and half. He went outside to start the hook up preps.  He was gone about 15 minutes, when he came in Riggs acted like he had been gone forever.  His separation anxiety is bad.  He jumped up on Sam almost knocking him down. Sam sat down in chair and Riggs pinned him in.Sam&Rigg's06-13-15a

Sam must have twisted when Riggs jumped because his back started spasming again and he was in pain.

Hooked up and headed on down the road to Thousand Trails campground to meet up with Phyllis and Len. We are just one site over from them, nice big pull thru. Got all situated and they wanted us to go out to lunch/dinner with them. We piled in Lens truck and headed to Phyllis’ daughter Terrys’ house, its only a few miles from here, but on this back country roads seems so much further than an interstate drive. Terry bought and old grist mill that had been renovated. It is a beautiful house. Stream runs right under the house and then curves back and away.  In the living room is the old ‘well’ structure where you can look down and see the stream and the impression where the grinder wheel had been located. Plexiglas has been installed about 3 feet from top of well rim. Really a great house and she has it decorated beautifully.


Len and Phyllis in Terrys’ sunroom.


Terry and her sons girlfriend and Cane the dog. Len said its short for Hurricane.  Don’t see how, she is very calm and such a sweetie.  She is a rescue that was at a kill shelter in Alabama with only 1 day left.  Terrys husband saw her online and told Terry how can you refuse a face like that…well she couldn’t so they called and made arrangement for her to be brought to New Jersey.  She a collie great Pyrenees mix.

We wound up going to Haag’s Hotel and Restaurant where they serve family style Pennsylvania Dutch food. You pick 3 meats from a list of 7, we got roast beef, grilled chicken and sausage.  Everything is served in bowls and refilled as needed.  Appetizer was tapioca, slaw, applesauce, cottage cheese, rolls and butter or apple butter. I not much a fan of applesauce but this was all homemade with big chunks of apples and was delicious, same with the tapioca best I’ve ever had. Then the sides and meat. Sides were mashed potatoes, green beans, red beets, corn niblets, dry corn, chicken gravy, and beef gravy.  Think I remembered all of them.  Food was great and conversation flowed.  Good time.Dinner at the HaggsRest06-13-15d Dinner at the HaggsRest06-13-15c Dinner at the HaggsRest06-13-15b Dinner at the HaggsRest06-13-15a

Back to campground and said our good nights.


  1. Those Pennsylvania Dutch folks really can cook. And everything is always so fresh. Hope Sam's back is better today.

  2. Great seeing these friends again. But next meal I gotta remember I'm on a diet. Yea, like that's going to happen.

    Wishing you were staying in the area longer. So much we would like to show you but lots of those sights are closed Sunday here in Amish and Mennonite country.

  3. Wow, that sounded like a great meal. So glad you are having such a good time, other than Sam's back and you getting tossed about by Riggs.


  4. I wish I could eat that much food, but I fill up too quickly!

  5. Happy you and Sam are enjoying your trip; you both deserve this get away. Hope Sam's back recoups soon!