Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, June 11, 2015


We were going to go out to dinner Monday night with my nephew Patrick and his family, but after spill Sam took Sunday his back just wasnt up to it. So we begged off (sadly) and rescheduled for Tuesday.  I did a little straightening up and then called Walgreens and told them Sam had prescriptions that were ready at our hometown pharmacy, they said no problem they would call and fill them give them a couple hours. So off I went while Sam rested his back.  Sure enough everything ready, except I thought I had just gotten one of the scripts before we left and since it is $150.00 didnt want to take it until I was sure, so they said they would hold it for me.  When I got back Sam looked and it had been almost a month since I had picked it up.  Isnt that one of the glorious (yeah right) things about getting older, something you thought was last week turned out to be last month.  Sam said he would go back and pick up and get a couple things at the store. We were to meet at 6 for dinner. Sam left at 3.  Sam is not a dilly dallerer so by 530 I was getting worried, and also we are always early when meeting people, never late. By 6 I had every scenario imaginable. My cell was in the truck and his was here. He doesnt have a clue how to use it and if he was in an accident it it password protected and no one could call. No one would know where we were staying etc. Or what if he fell again and was hurt. Or since he hadnt eaten and it was way past time for his insulin what if he had passed out and was in a diabetic coma somewhere….well you can see my mothers worry wart took over my mind! Of course I had to call my niece and let her know we were running late and hoping they didnt think we were trying to blow them off.  Finally he’s back at 615….he got scripts, went to store picked up 3 items, store was a zoo he was headed to express line and a lady whipped right in front of him with a FULL basket so it took a while, you know some people cant tell the difference between 10 items and 50.  Then he saw the sports clips and since I had told him he was getting scruffy he decided to get a cut and trim….well 20 min wait turned into and hour. Then he got turned around and drove in wrong directions…oh well he’s back safe and sound.Geau,Drew,&sence06-9-15a Giamarcos's Rest06-09-15a

We made it to dinner at 7. Giammarco’s restaurant. Very nice. We had  a great time catching up and then it was time to say goodbye.

Yesterday was a traveling day from Columbus to here at Bedford Pa. Again ace photographer that I am I took some great pictures of the mountains, of course camera lost them. We are at Shawnee Sleepy Hollow campgrounds. It is a nice park in many ways but getting run down. Sam said lady is elderly that owns it and is trying to sell so she can retire and she needs to.  When I called and made reservation told her we need a pull thru and she said ok no problem…turns out they have NO pull thru sites…Sam had a heck of a time getting into spot because of the trees that hang so low and placement of electric.  We didnt unhook as we decided to stay just the night.

Here are the pictures of the Cross Creek Campground we were at in Columbus. It was very nice. My only negative was in the shower room. They have the changing area and the shower, they have regular shower curtain between shower and changing area.  But between changing area and rest of bathroom they have a see thru curtain…I know its all gals, but my naked body is not something anyone wants to see, even Riggs turns his head when I change it that tells you anything.

CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15j CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15i CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15h CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15g CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15f CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15e CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15d CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15c CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15b CrossCreekRVPark06-10-15a

Well not sure of todays plans yet. Think we might stop in Harrisburg for the day and then connect with Phyllis and Len tomorrow in Hershey.  They are such a great couple and love being with them. If you ever get the chance to connect with them make sure you do.

Everyone have a great day and safe travels.

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