Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Meanderings.

Was up at 04:30AM and had coffee with my bride, then she was off to the truck company.

Kevin and Ruth were up at 07:00AM and had a nice breakfast and coffee and then said there see ya’s and headed out a little after 08:00AM, they said they might try to make Oklahoma by evening.

We so enjoyed their visit and as always we look forward to seeing them again, what a nice young couple.

Just before they left, Donna called with the bad news that one of the younger girls that works with her at the restaurant, Renee, lost her husband to a massive heart attack last night, He was only 45 years old and leaves three teenage children. What a heartbreaker, life just isn’t fair.

Since I have three Son’s that live either on the Jersey shore or in New York City I have been watching this hurricane with great interest, I thought I would share a few pictures taken today out east. Taken today..


Street side of the Hoboken Rail/Ferry terminal under about 5 feet of water already.


                         Miss Liberty getting a shower.


Normal view, water appears be above the first level of concrete at the top of the steps.

These were taken when Sandy hadn’t officially crossed the coast yet it will hit just about between Atlantic City and Tom’ River NJ. So the worst is yet to come. My Son Tim & family live about 2 miles from the ocean in Brick NJ. which is 30 miles north of Atlantic City, My Son Rick and his wife live in Asbury Park, again about 2 miles from the ocean and about 10 miles north of Tim. Then my Son Sam Jr. is in New York City right about a block from the Intrepid Museum on the Hudson River.

So as you can see we are keeping a keen eye on storm from our safe perch here in Dardenne Prairie. I e-mailed them all saying they should think about hopping a plane or getting in the car heading out here for a stay at the Ranch. But they are their Fathers sons and I am sure they will elect to ride it out for better or worse. One More.


Former Ferry Boat now Restaurant, overwhelmed and sunk at her pier, Edgewater NJ.

Again all of this is being done by the Hudson River before the actual arrival of the storm.

Well against that’s enough news for today, I hope the rest of the country is spared any more bad weather and everyone has a good week. Be safe out there, and say a prayer for all our folks out east in harms way. Especially the first responders who will voluntarily go out when ever they are called upon. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Lots of prayers that your sons, families, and everyone else stays safe during this horrible storm.

  2. Even allowing for the hyped up media version this storm sounds terrible.

    Praying that people and especially your family remain safe.

    I cannot imagine the size of this storm.


  3. Definitely been praying for those in the areas of this storm. To see that restaurant/ship sinking is so sad - think of the jobs lost just with that.

    Continued prayers for your family and all those being affected by the storm.

  4. Sam, here NW of Baltimore we are getting lots of wind and rain. They say the next 12-18 hrs will be the worst for us. We were supposed to leave for the Good Sam Rally in Daytona this AM. Couldn't leave any sooner due to a weekend commitment that my husband had. If the power stays on and we do not have any damage to our home, we may try to go on Wed. Don't like the thought of having to drive that many miles in 2 days but we have done several 500 mile days in a row before. Hope NY&NJ come out OK.

  5. Great photos of NY ....unbelievable..Praying for all in harm's path..

  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality! You are both such fantastic people and so welcoming. You always show us such a great time.

    Donna I so wish I could give you such a big hug, I really know that you need one today. Thinking of you and your friend and her family.

    Also thinking of your family and friends on the eastern seaboard. Hope that everyone will be OK.

    Take care and thanks once again for everything.

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. thanks so much, I can feel the hug. I am just heart broken, Steve was such a wonderful man and Renee is my little Mighty Mouse. Since they are both transplants, their children have always been like my own grandkids.

  7. Hope everyone can stay safe. It's the "storm surge" that's going to be the most dangerous I fear. The low pressure is so low, that it's actually pulling the water up from the ocean and pulling it inland. Scary stuff.
    Quite saddened to read of your young friend. 45 is way too young. My heartfelt condolences.

    1. Thanks Bob, 45 is such a young age, and he left three teenagers from 13 to 19. When you are in your middle 60's like me you still want to stay around and see the Grandkids graduate from high school and college.His son is 13 and I told Donna to tell Renee he will begoing on camping trips to the Lake with me and ,my Grandson this summer. Thanks again for your compassion, Sam....

  8. Oh my. What a series of tragedies.

    Waiting for an update of the status of your sons and their families.

    Love to both of you.