Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, October 19, 2012


Was up early for coffee with my bride, Donna was feeling better after taking her meds and a good nights sleep, she just e-mailed me and said she found someone to work the restaurant and was coming home from the truck company for one more good nights sleep and medicine.

I am glad for that normally she toughs it out until she gets worse and can’t walk.

Really a drab cold, cloudy, misty and just generally grey day here at the ranch today.Was going to make a Walgreen’s run and decided to put it off until the weekend. Truck stayed in the nice warm garage all day.

Believe it or not supposed to be near 80 degrees Sunday & Monday. I’ll bet that’s the last of our summer like temps for this year.

Well that’s about about it for today, Rigg’s is in his lay next to the chair mode that he reserves for these kind of days, not a care in the world. what a life. Plus when his Mom gets home he will get a Good Boy treat for just laying around all day.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. That sounds as bad as Poppy. She gets a "good girl" treat for just being a good girl and waiting patiently (sleeping) in the car when ever we go anywhere. I think that's one reason she loves to go anywhere, anytime. It's all about the food! Not so different from us I guess!!!

  2. Glad Donna is feeling better...When does she get to retire???? The sooner the better, so you two can get on the road and relax...and...I like the way Riggs rolls :-)

  3. I think Donna has it right, Sam. You guys really need to sit down & have a serious retirement talk....before it's too late.

  4. I'm with Donna and Al. There just has to be a way for her slow down. We worry about her. Glad she got somebody to cover the restaurant for her. Aren't our pups supposed to get a treat just for being there? Ours sure think so.

  5. Hey how about our Megabyte2,,,she gets her treat right at happy hour with us....She is such a good girl. Then she gets her one shrimp for supper...she just sits in the kitchen staring at us as she knows its time!!! I never knew pets could offer so much love and affection. Course this little kitty is an angel straight from Heaven.... Scooter sent her to us.....