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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Mumblings.

Got to sleep in until 06:00AM and then had coffee with my bride.

Today for all of you who don’t know is the 237th birthday of the United States Navy which was established Oct. 13th 1775 as the Continental Navy, comprised of two small sailing ships that were armed to protect our ports.

Since then it is the largest and post powerful Naval force in the world, Larger that the combined Armies and Navy of most other countries.  Some of my favorite Navy Pictures.


One of the Rescue Helicopters from my USS Shangri-La Detachment in 1967.


US Navy F4 Phantom breaks the sound barrier about 20 feet off the runway, I can only imagine the sonic boom at this airfield that followed it.

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Blue Angels, USS Constitution, Guided Missile frigate, Guided Missile cruiser


Most powerful Deterrent to war the world has known.

Turning into the wind  full deck, a helo launching at the bow, two fighters on the forward cats, another helo ready to launch from the waist cat, Looks like it’s about show time.


I am truly lucky to have been given the privilege to serve in what is the worlds greatest Navy. I have always said it was the most fun a poor kid from the country could have. We can sleep each night knowing, that if Americans are in danger, anywhere in the world, A US Navy Carrier Task force will show up, establish air superiority, and land US Marines in Navy and Marine helicopters to secure the area. God Bless them all.

Last night went great and pizza tasted extra good for some reason. don’t know why maybe I was extra hungry for it but sometimes, my homemade just comes out extra good.

Donna is getting ready to leave for her Saturday night at the restaurant . Me I am going to chill and about 05:00PM I will drink a toast to my fellow sailors around the world, Happy Birthday guys.

That’s about it from the Ranch for today. all of you be safe out there. Do it to them before they do it to you. Sam & Donna..


  1. Thank you for your service to our Country, Sam. You and other veterans, past and present, deserve the gratitude of every American.

  2. That picture of the Phantom breaking the sound barrier is just incredible. Thank you so much Sam for serving. There just aren't enough words to really express all the gratitude we feel. I missed your 5:00 toast, but I lift my glass to you now.

  3. I was a Seabee when active, and so my Navy was totally different than yours... And since Marines are technically Navy folks too, it goes to show how versatile our service branch really is. Not to mention the Seal Teams.... Happy Birthday US Navy!!

  4. Rod, I always admired the Construction Battalions ( Seabee"s)for those of you that don't know they would have an air strip in place where nothing existed before in 48 hours, a helo pad only took 15 minutes.I know you like me enjoyed your time in the Navy and it gave us both the direction, and discipline and leadership to be successful in adult life.your friend and shipmate. Sam...